Help to get out of credit

My name is Svetlana, I am 39 years old. Has two children, the youngest of 1.8. Have husband. I am now on leave to care for a child under 3 years get only 50 rubles. More I get 380 rubles for two children. Her husband works. The situation in my life so that I had to take out a loan, then another and another.

Money was very little, my husband was ill with work, there was nothing to pay loans, and had to take out loans in MFIs. Though the percentage of there mad. This month absolutely nothing to pay any loans or loans. The husband went to work, a lot of work, but money is only enough to pay off the loan, and for food.

About the clothes themselves and their children while my husband and I have forgotten. Most importantly the children accumulated. And in the month the money is only for food and loans are not paid. I know that many will say, "Why take loans." My answer at the time was a necessary measure. Good people ask help a little to pay off loans. If you just can not help give a loan, all give.

4276134000639886 my card, my phone is 89803606509, if you do not respond, write SMS, and the collectors call can not answer. My name is Svetlana E.. I will be glad to help fight. Help, already the cry of the soul.

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