Sells products for poultry

Sells products for the poultry industry. My dream is to open a super market agriculture in Almaty. We need financial assistance to development. Engaged in poultry farming, faced with a shortage of equipment 3 years ago and started my business. Beginning to bring the goods under the order.

Many products need to modernize and simplify the workflow for the processing of poultry and meat. To date, he participated in the International Exhibition of Agriculture, made all the documentation Certificate Authority in the framework of the Customs Union on the equipment.

Need a sponsor, investor for financial assistance for the purchase of goods and the opening of the store, the amount for the development and realization of dreams 1800000 tr The goods must be in there, then I can sell it on credit, for the villagers, and everyone engaged in poultry farming. It will be a very good help and the ability to pay as it is convenient.

I consider all options for cooperation. Grateful for any help! Kiwi purse +77055552512 card Kazkom 4003032708415338.

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