A cry for financial assistance! Please help to get out of credit and debt

Hello Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I appeal to you for the first time with the hope that you will help me in my situation is not easy. Cry from the heart! Really I need your help! I live in the city of Krasnodar. I have a studio apartment in the mortgage, the monthly payment on the mortgage is 17 000 per month, while the total debt of 1.5 million rubles.

I'm working, but I have a monthly salary of 20,000 and no, it is not enough to pay off all my debts, moreover, it has to me more credit, which took for a down payment on the mortgage. I had long been paying a communal, as simply nothing! But since I demand payment. He even wanted to take out a loan to pay off communal, but I do not give, because It does not allow the cost of living.

About repairing the apartment, I have long forgotten, I live in the cement walls without decoration, and no amenities, as not enough money. My mother lives alone in the village of Ust-Labinsk area in the Article. Ladoga, now she is retired, as if she did not want to help me to not be able to pay off all my debts, it's just not realistic.

She worked all her life in an orphanage boarding school, which is now closed, and orphaned children sent to live at home the care of teachers, so my mother at home under her care lived four girls - orphans, now with the onset of adulthood, they parted, but one remained, which is not where to go, mama left it at home, it provides what may.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, if you'll help to close at least part of my credits and debts, I'll be the happiest on earth! I find it hard to live with the burden of loans, when calling from everywhere, demand payment, and pay nothing. Please help in our time is not easy! In advance thank you! My phone number: +79182477441 My e-mail. mail: irina.chebotarevai@mail.ru

Чего Вы ждете в ближайшие 1-2 года от власти (налоги, соц. обеспечение, дороги, здравоохранение и т.д.)

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