A dream come true

I appeal to all the rich people who have achieved the maximum heights that they expected. After all, each person is helped by someone else necessarily to reach a high standard of living. I'll forgive someone who will read my message to help me with finances to start life anew, because I lived in a very poor family, and now myself in the same situation, we can barely make ends meet.

I am 30 years old, have a family and children. Sam unemployed, because I can not work because of poor health. It is because of the back in which there are several hernias and osteochondrosis, the whole body hurts due to the squeezing of nerves and there is no money for treatment and every year it gets worse. In the family, both children and wife are ill, there is no money for treatment at all.

There are relatives, but none of them even want to ask about my condition, as they all turned away. Mother is gone, and my father is intoxicated, and we do not need him. Forgive those who have not gone past the help materially who can and who does not feel sorry for some amount of money to invest in some kind of business and make your dream come true.

I write here only because of extremes, because there is no other hope. If everything goes well I can return money to those who helped. After all, we are NOT ETERNAL in this life, the good done to the person will necessarily return to him as on this and in the next world. We are all equal before God, but in this world we must help each other. card number 2200 3803 1492 9936

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