Help break the cycle

Hello! My name is Andrei Losev. I am 41 years old. Hard to write this request, but the output I have no more. I have three children, I am happy that they have me. Everything was good, but was at the same time work is bad and I got out of stupidity in micro-loans. And yet! Now I am working day and night, the house almost never happens, but earn enough to repay them fails, the interest is very high.

One will close in a few days need to pay another to avoid delinquency and penalty taking back where closed. Salary is not enough, arrears of rent increases, also called, the penalties will be. Normal bank loans do not give because of them, to have at least one bank to pay once a month.

So I bet, like a fish on the ice, but all to no avail, only to become worse and worse. His wife and children sitting at home, little daughter. I am a wife I can not look into the eyes, and I can not do anything, even a loan for an apartment can not take - it registered children, pawn shops do not want to communicate.

I beg your help. For private owners appealed, the terms of some scammers do not help, and the latter is pulled. To fully pay need 100,000 rubles. Can anyone give a loan, via a notary, for 3-4 months? Thank you all! Help break the cycle! Savings Bank 4276 5900 1425 0046 QIWI +79507076312 webmoney R273366633309.

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