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Hello! My name is Sergey! I write, and at the very hand shake. I never thought that I could ask for help in money. I am 41 years old, I am a reserve officer, served in the army for 21 years. He retired from the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for health reasons, two combat wounds made themselves known. Served honestly, as they say, he gave everything to serve the Motherland.

But he turned out to be not ready for civil life. One can live but the family does not. Pension 27000 rubles. I have four children, three boys and a little daughter. Ready for anything for them. But with my experience, the maximum that you can, find a job for 40,000 - 50,000 rubles. As a result, the family broke up from banal bytovuhi. And only I am to blame.

Maybe as an officer as a man as a warrior, I took place, but as a father as a husband, as a family man, I don’t. The apartment was left by the former with the children; I also transfer the pension to her for the children. I live nearby in the same city, renting accommodation. I will work there, there, everywhere a little. There is enough food for existence.

But I so want to provide children with life without the problems I faced, so that they would be independent of money and choose their own way freely. Now you can open your own business, but you need funds (3,000,000 rubles) to contribute to this business. I ask if there is an opportunity to help fulfill the dream. And I, in turn, promise to help other people in need. Sergei. Tal: +7 (921) 654 66 29 E-mail: VTB Card: 4893 4702 9648.

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