I have to settle with the people who trusted me

Tired of debts. I have decided to earn money to pay off pre-existing debt. I got on httр://www.prсfinаnciаls.com/. As a result, people climbed into debt of more than $ 8,000. I have two adopted minor children. I mentally crushed, just destroyed.

There are no forces to look in the children's eyes, there is no strength to look people in the eye who are involved, because they have their own problems (mortgage, operation, etc.). So many people let down himself torn. Yes, even at interest held. And now I sit with nothing. Interest is growing. People wait for their money. Scammers (convinced 100%) do not take the money. Under various pretexts.

That drawdown is large, the audit. The vip-by. I do not see the end. Please, help! Help my children not to lose my mother. I'm in a terrible mental condition. Please help as you can. I have a card of VTB Bank - 5278 8300 4801 6277 . Loans do not provide anywhere, because available do not pay, just do not have the possibility.

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