I was in a difficult situation

I am a man 46 years old. He got into a difficult situation. My problems are related to alcohol and the attendant consequences of this problem. In particular I unbearable loan hanging, but no longer have the opportunity to pay more for it. I'm from Novosibirsk. I arrived in Moscow to find work that would allow me to service the debt. But without education and profession, and it was then impossible.

Although I'm not a quitter, and I am not afraid of work. On this ground, I again slipped into the bout. In this connection, the debt continues to grow, and the new payment due date is approaching. Today, more than ever, I was close to suicide. There is no one to help me. Mom retired. She faces as I do from the reservoir pressure and] eat housing. I ask you to friends, give me a second chance in this life! Regards, Yuri. (Savings Bank 5469440011367423 card).

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