I was left alone with two small children and a heap of debts and credits

I hit with children in difficult life situations. I am a mother on maternity leave ... left alone with two small children and a heap of debts and credits! Was her husband, her husband won me loans and micro loans. We pay all in time and without problems. Then I decree, followed by a second .... My husband left me, leaving two children. At the moment, we have with him the divorce courts.

To help us, he does not want to. We are living with children at my work, and 12,000 from 6000 soc. protection. On my loans of about 2 million rubles, an apartment in the mortgage. I am trying to somehow make all the time and pay. Live scary! all my money is not enough! I try to pay regularly to prevent the transmission case collectors! I ask, please help! I want to quickly get out of this hell and start a normal life with no debts and credits! Phone: 79031136402. 

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