Please help fulfill the dream of my mom!

Hello! I am 22 years old. I live with my mother with a communal apartment. With a neighbor, we can say fortunate because it is already 10 years old does not live in his room and only occasionally comes over bills. A few days ago, she said she was going to sell my room and offered us to buy it.

We have given prior consent, and my mother thinks that we do not have a very small amount (about 20-30 thousand), as much we have someone to take and pay with your next paycheck. But everything is much worse ... I was able to while working to save a small amount, a little more money I got after the pope's death.

But for my mother's dream (to live with your own apartment, with no neighbors and not be afraid that they are someone will pass a house) I do not have 250,000 rubles. Do not give me credit because the salary is small 22-25 thousand, mom gets no longer mine.

I am ashamed to ask you about it, so I was brought up. Please help us to collect the missing amount. Transfer money possible on Yandex purse 410,013,336,833,673. And if you leave in the comments to the payment your mail, I will answer you! If you have any questions, send them to - Thank you!

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