Really need your help! I was in a very difficult situation!

Really need your help! I was in a very difficult situation! My name is Vitaly, I live in the depths of Russia, in the Kemerovo region. I ask about the grant of financial assistance to their own homes, but do not have money enough, I do not hide. Housing is very expensive and the least expensive apartment is worth 500 thousand rubles. Pull rental housing can no longer, as it turns out 7500 rubles, of which I eat, pay the loan, I rented a house and still need to somehow get dressed.

Money is critically lacking. Find better paying jobs can not yet, as it is very small. Mortgage of course nobody would approve and save up for a down payment is impossible. Receiving housing solved a lot of problems. Dear friends, I hope for your understanding, because the world is not without good people need to help each other, do not remain indifferent to human beings remember that good returns! I would be very happy to pinch pennies! Map Cberbanka 4276 8260 2362 5749 THANK YOU!

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