Those who ask for money for free

Tell me who to ask for money for free

  • Hello! I never thought I will return here. But as it happens. I'm on leave for child care, they have two. The fact that we live in a small town and very unpromising want my husband and the whole family to go to another city, more.
    But the problem of housing. We want to arrange a mortgage, but we do not give, because it still has outstanding loans. And finally our dream is still a dream. While we all put out will be a long time. My card 4276 1612 0250 9716. We will be glad of any help. Thank you in advance. And yet, people who believe in their dreams!

  • Hello everybody! People are lovely, I really ask for help! Bring up her daughter alone, this year it goes to the second grade, and we credit. After 4 days, already have to pay! I really need 40,000 rubles. I did not take one. It's very difficult for me! God knows, I did not cheat! Please, I beg and plead, help me, please, who can! I pray necessary for the health of all who will, as it is a great help! Sberbank my card number 5469 0500 1258 4056.
  • I will not cry and beg like I've been a lot of their problems, but still hope for your understanding! Chew everything is very long and many have accumulated a lot of debt had helped friends and acquaintances. When I started having problems all have gone missing, so please help financially to pay off debts much as you can. The amount of large write it does not see the point, the card number 5469 0500 1252 0167.
  • Hello, I need help, there are two small children, the husband is hiding from child support - does not help. No work on children can not live. Help raise the children on her feet. Thank you in advance. Map 4276180014322357. The debt will not stay.
  • Hello! I have a husband and a child is not an easy situation: yutimsya 7 people in kopeck piece. People kind help, such as the property is not, and the mortgage - bondage. We need a fee, and there is no fee, help financially.

Difficult situations, help please

  • Hello! Please help with the purchase of their homes. He worked in the north, lost health, lost his job, odd jobs. I want to start a family and children, and their homes there. Help me please. My Savings Bank 5336 6900 6448 5008.
  • Hello, I have a very difficult life situation, I would have never asked for help because I was ashamed to do it, but I had to. Here is my story in brief. My name is Maria, I'm pregnant, I give birth in October, I am now in the decree, a husband, but he retired due to illness receives only 8458 rubles. Live in the kitchen, there is one room without the corridor, just a small room in which there is a sofa, a table, a chair, a gas cooker and more and more do not fit in this room. Very little space, and the worst thing that freeze wall and covered with mold all things.
    When they learned that we had a baby, we have to think what to do and decided we left the house of her husband's father, he stood for 35 years. He built it, and then he died, and the house was left standing. The walls and roof are, we decided to make one large room - room, bought a board on the floor, bought the sand, covered by stone. We bought a brick on the stone, the bed floor, bought drywall guides. He hired a man to cut it (because they themselves do not know how, and no one will help free of charge). Man paid and all the money is gone, but still a lot of cases. Windows, ceiling, bought for radiators, pipes need to, all kinds of valves, heating fireplace. There is no money at all, do not give credit, to give birth soon. Every day I have a crazy, tears, very worried, do not know what to do.

  • Hello everyone who reads this message. I live with my mother and younger brother, she single mother, money is not enough, my mother works for a penny, education, it does not. I was sick for 3 years, the problem with his leg, had two operations, I graduated from high school, and I can not do anywhere, a small score of the certificate (it is now on the take). Help who than can, I will go even to the courses. To live on, I can not work, labor is prohibited. I ask Savings Bank card number 4276 3000 1973 6936.
  • Hello good people. I ask for your help, on their knees implore help, help who than can. I got into a debt trap that there is no more strength skrebstis. We have turned all relatives and friends of the debts. Describe all his terrible story will not have many of my destiny does not help, just help get back on my feet, I just want to zhit.moy number BEAC-4276671051850599. Thank you in advance.
  • Hello. The situation is not as complicated as that of many in need mired in mind micro-credits, myself work, I get 45. I give almost anything, but only blanked penalties and interest. Giving wages to have to take back something to live for those who get to give, and so live for three years. It left to pay about 150, but this amount is not reduced in mind the above circumstances. If you can than help will be very happy and grateful. Map Savings Bank 4276 3800 8674 7487.

Help urgently to pay off debts

  • Good afternoon! I work as a medical assistant in the emergency room. I help people not only at work but also in life. I never never refused. But now I need help. I got into a difficult credit situation. Urgently need to repay debt on loans. The total amount of approximately 800,000 rubles. Interest mad. When he took a loan, my financial situation was favorable, stable, but 2 years ago, it has changed for the worse. Prices are rising by leaps and bounds, and the salary is the same. Please, help! Yandex purse 41001219570108 or debit card Tinkoff Bank 5213 2400 1380 8930. All advance thank you!
  • Please help me with money, I have two small children, her husband a tyrant, to leave no place, we have to put up with his bullying. Give children a penny, and collect no where. Please help me to buy a small house, the card number Private Bank 4149497864914942. Who has the opportunity to help, please help, I will be very grateful.
  • Help much as you can, got into debt for micro loans, collectors began to get, and I have three children, I'm afraid for them. Almost no income, since the maternity leave sit, without her husband. Really need help. Yandex money 410014129015248. Map 5106 2110 1428 1450.

I need financial assistance

  • Hello. I am in need of financial assistance. Burned cars which brought the main income. Loans do not give alimony hang and stopped paying on official work. I climb up into the loans, afraid to imagine how it would end. Money is needed to buy cars to get going and get out of this bondage. Map Savings Bank 4276 3600 1245 4481.
  • Hello, please help us, I live, my mother of 76 years, two sons, 9-6. We need help, the house falls down, I do not work. The eldest son of the patient, the pension mom 8400. Please help to repair the house. 4276300026084049 card number.
  • Help much as you can. Really need the money! 423 07 810 7 59190029176. Please do not blame so much so all have difficult situations! Thank you in advance!
  • I request financial assistance to repay the overdue loan payments. I hit the credit bondage, one debt after another, and my and other people come to the department of bailiffs. The salary of all goes to the expense of debt, I have nothing to live with the child. I am a single mother, no one to help me, the parents I have. Take no for that, I turned to consulting companies everywhere need to make huge denzhischi, I even have a home there is nothing. The child must be collected in the college, to buy clothes, shoes and items for learning. No one to help me, the parents I have. I ask urgently help me please on the map Sberbank 639002529027512459.  

Really need the money

Help much as you can. Really need the money! 5213243845053014 Tinkoff Bank. Please do not blame so much so all have difficult situations! Thank you in advance!

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