Urgently need help - selected apartment

Urgently! Good people ask you to help me, my name is Hope, who lives in Moscow. Inconvenient to contact you, but I no longer turn to. Everything was good, stable income, have an apartment in the mortgage, pay all properly, but as always, the circumstances are such that they are in financial difficulties.

Her husband lost his job five months could not find work, and it was necessary to pay for an apartment insurance, mortgage payment, interest on credit cards, had to pawn gold items, car. Apply to the MFI. Even when my husband started to work, unable to cope with interest payments.

Started overdue payments, including mortgage, started calls from organizations with the requirements of the repayment of debts. I am looking for a brokerage company with the purpose of refinancing (to combine all in one payment). Many refused. In a brokerage firm they said they could help, but in the banks at the moment of refinancing will not work.

Offered a lease option, the transfer of my apartment into a company with the right of redemption, that I can live in it, and to be spelled out. Pay under the contract six months, followed by a brokerage company helps me to arrange a bank loan and redeem their apartment. But help will not be turned. Again began delay.

And now it is necessary urgently to sell the apartment, but as always, the trouble does not come alone, very ill, my mother, for her constant care is required, bring it to me no where. I beg you, help you get a loan for refinancing and purchase of apartments. I work officially. You are the last hope, because where not requested assistance, the terms of some crooks.

I beg you, help me, please. Help needed urgently to 02/16/2018, I have taken an apartment. Phone 8 (967) 117-55-27, E-mail frolowa.nadej02@mail.ru.

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