Without your help, we can not cope

I'm asking you to help her husband whose August 13, 2016 at work at the cosmodrome East suffered an ischemic stroke associated with bouts of epilepsy. Joined partial loss of speech, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation. Was a respected worker of the business, welder 6 discharge NAKS 1 level.

Now all forgotten invalid 2 groups, retired, who lacks not that drug, and bread. We live together in a house with stove heating, needs repair. Local authorities have allocated a house in the former vet. hospital where it is impossible to breathe from the impregnated drug house. Please help for my husband, who gave their health at critical facilities, construction sites in Russia.

At this time, we need a paid consultation vascular surgeon and rehabilitation. Help to collect the amount, please. Much as you can. Although the ruble. You are welcome. I know you are very kind, sympathetic and friendly. I believe in your not indifferent. Thank you in advance. Yandex purse 410016310964335

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