You are the last hope...

 I do not even know where to start. It is difficult to ask money from people I do not know, but I made it ..... I very much ask for help because I can not cope anymore. My debts are growing like a snowball, the diseases have become aggravated by nervous forces. I am 30 years old with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

One left with a child and a sick old grandmother, as well as a half-million loan. I officially work myself, but I do not have enough money, especially when my grandmother or a child is ill. About myself I am silent. I took credit with my husband for construction, but he left. It became difficult. I do not ask for much, but if there are people who are not indifferent to my fate, help!

For me any help is money. I'm just afraid that from constant nerves sugar will lead me to a coma and the baby will remain unnecessary for anyone .... My card is 5469 3300 1032 1796.

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