How to earn at home

How to earn at home

How to earn at home? - how you can earn from home

  • I want to earn some money ... Dear mnogomamochki, so give the kids in the garden, I decided to earn some money at home, opened the Internet, and then ... well I do not understand, it is real or not, who has experience at home earnings, share what and how to do?
  • I would like to earn some money ... Everyone Hello, I'm looking for advice where on the Internet you can actually earn? Such as cosmetics, perfumes, powders for weight loss, as well as business ideas with attachments does not offer ... I think that the modern market all these oversaturated, but something to put on initially, did not get a return, not ...
  • I want to earn at home (Orenburg) girls, who can know the real part time at home without cheating, sitting at home pregnant, may want to earn more on your computer or it is not complicated. Preferably in Orenburg, but probably through the Internet anywhere you can.
  • Offer podrabotatSrazu say that sitting at home with my daughter for 2 years, I tried to find a part time online. Through what I have just no proshla- and clicks, and the pyramid, copyright nothing of traveling I have not found. Such a pittance for ...
  • Part) Girls, tell me how and where you can earn some money through the Internet remotely. In order not to run into a scam? Just do not cosmetics. Maybe someone earns?)
  • Where you can earn quite a pipsqueak when the child ??? Girls so happens that we have a little daughter will live on one allowance. And I seriously thought and where you can earn realties until the child has not yet turned one year old? I would work all could do ... at least on the phone though flyers delight (Although ...
  • Dear Mom, I want to share how to earn some money in the decree, 30 minutes a day! Dear Mom, I want to share how to earn some money in the decree, it takes 30 minutes a day! E-mail, I will answer all the questions
  • If you have internetDevochki, if you have internet at home and you want to earn remotely, without investments and costs, write reviews, comments, articles, translations, etc., register here and get started! Earnings from 100u.e.- real !!!

All about creating websites, blogs, forums, online stores, and their promotion in search engines and earning onlineAdditional (non-core) earnings on the internet at the moment particularly strong interest in students or retirees, who have free time in sufficient quantities and the desire to increase the fullness of the purse.

And she and the other category of people - beginners (people without experience on the internet), who in most cases do not have knowledge in marketing and information sphere. Fortunately, the network is replete with possibilities of earning it for beginners (students and other unprepared for anything like humans), and can sometimes make very good money.

In this article we will look at various ways manimeykerstva (ie additional earnings - search of money in the network), which can adopt absolutely anyone. So, let's look at each in a separate area in more detail.

How to earn in their spare time on social networks

Their accounts in one or more social networks have virtually every citizen of the developed countries, which opens up great opportunities for Internet entrepreneurs, well, by citizens opens the possibility of a bit odd jobs in his spare time while sitting at home or on the road to substantive work (in school).

Entrepreneurs are willing to pay for the promotion of their business projects to ordinary people, promotion is done by performing basic actions:

  1. Members' laykayut "certain records;
  2. Members join groups, increasing their fullness in the dozens of times in a few hours;
  3. Users add certain people to your list of friends;
  4. Members are divided into records, leaving them on his page;
  5. There may be other actions (commenting, etc.).

The more complex the operation, the more credit the money for it. Rates vary on different projects, sometimes pay for a ruble Like the simple and prolaykat in a short time can be a lot of records. Additional work in social networks - it is primarily the work without investment , if at some project you need to money - be aware that you have got to the fraudsters.

The most popular and proven services: the VK-the Target

The best ways to earn money at home - work options with a free schedule

Work for women at home, work with a free schedule

A home business is profitable or not? This question is of interest to many women who, for whatever reasons, are forced to stay at home. Profitability of working from home depends on the amount of time that is willing to devote to it and that will be able to if your idea of ​​interest the consumer.

The content of the article:

Why is  it women  it is important to work at home?

the world now is such a time that the famous phrase "a woman - the keeper of the hearth," a little bit longer valid. Female shoulders the "cargo universal problems."

The woman not only cooks, washes, cleans, brings up children, but also manages earns addresses issues of national importance. But when a child is in the family, many women refuse to babysitting services, and raise their child alone.

But for the family budget is a huge blow, because the prices of goods are rising daily.

Home work for women with children has its advantages:

  1. You own mistress: if you want - to work, tired - go to bed;
  2. No need to hire a babysitter, that would go to work;
  3. Saves a lot of time and energy, you do not need to frequently move in transport and permanent stay within the four walls is no pressure on the psyche;
  4. It is possible to work in jeans and sneakers, while you will not need to have a lot of formal business suits;
  5. There is always money in pleasant things.

But in addition to the advantages, this type of employment has its drawbacks , the main of which is the fact that not everyone can properly organize the home during working hours. To do this, you need to have a great desire to make money.

But if you know how to manage your time well, and the possible difficulties you are not afraid, do not torment yourself with doubts and boldly proceed to implement their plans. After all, home work - this is not for life, but only your chosen form of activity for a certain period of time.

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The best home profession for women: who can work from home?

Some well-known sociologists believe that very soon lost the need for offices. Thanks to new technologies, it will be possible at home. Of course, not all professionals will be able to go home, for example firefighters still have to go to the depot, and hospitals without doctors can not do.

However, today there are many jobs that allow you to work at home:

  • Art and Humanities profession (artist, designer, programmer, journalist, translator). Representatives of this trend is very easy to find work remotely on the Internet on special freelance exchanges (freelancer from English «freelancer» -. Free, freelance, freelance, self-employed). Here you can find a variety of projects on writing articles and reviews on various topics, creation of design sites, creating sites themselves, writing a variety of programs. Huge disadvantage of this type of work is that you do not know who sits on the other side of the screen, and it is likely to be deceived;
  • Educators and psychologists - with a diploma of specialization, you can do paid bebisitterstvom (Babysitter from the English «babysitter» -. Baby sitter). Create a small garden at home. Lesson is quite serious, so it is necessary to realistically assess their strength;
  • Accountants, financiers, economists, lawyers - members of these professions can provide their services and at home. For example, provide advice on various issues related to the profession. Customers can take home and consult online via Skype, ISQ, e-mail;
  • Make-up artists, beauticians and hairdressers - many representatives of these professions often take their clients at home. How to find loyal customers? Set your price and advertise on the Internet and other media.

Comments from the forums:

When the hobby can become a job? Work with a free schedule

You will not believe, but even your hobby can bring you not only pleasure, but also a decent income. For example:

  1. Do you love to cook , and it turns out you have a wonderfully. Perfectly. You can cook to order cakes, or cook meals for the offices are nearby, and the delivery of meals can be perfectly combined with the children's walk;
  2. You can not live without plants . Organize a small business: Loans professional breeding seedlings of flowers or possess the exact technique of forcing flower bulbs. In the second case, you can buy the bulbs in the fall for wholesale price, and already spring holidays sell gorgeous bouquets. However, such a business requires not only knowledge, but also the extra space;
  3. You are fond of crafts : knit, sew, embroider, manufactures a variety of crafts. Whatever your new business began to grow rapidly, take some time to study the latest fashion trends in the world, flip through various magazines, study the seasonal demand. Advertise that you are ready to take orders. You will be surprised how many people want to buy handmade unique items, which are of high quality.

If you decide to engage in a home business, remember, advertising - the engine of progress. If you want that your business to generate income, telling a friend, former colleagues, give ads in the media and on the Internet. Read: How to successfully market and sell Hand Made?

If you liked our article and you have thought about it, share it with us! For us it is very important to know your opinion!

How to make money sitting at home with the child. 12 ways to help improve the family budget

First you need to understand what you can do. Maybe you know how to sew on a typewriter? Valya toy made of felt? Excellent not only get along with her, but also with the neighborhood kids? Or compose good texts? And then you just have to choose the most suitable occupation.

12 ideas for remote work

1. Joint procurement

What you need: a computer, an Internet connection, addresses the relevant sites.

As you know, buy the goods in bulk is much cheaper than retail. The algorithm is as follows: find a thematic forum (,,, etc.) and register for it. Associated with the wholesale firm offering popular products at the right price.

Now you are looking for like-minded people - to place online ads, which indicates information about the product and the methods of payment, place and terms of the distribution, and - this is important - the size of the commission, you, as the organizer of the event, will take himself for the service.

Dial the desired number of people wishing to acquire the coveted thing at a minimal cost (communications are usually held via e-mail), collect the money, order a product from the wholesaler, to wait for his arrival - and there were buyers at the designated location.


Cost savings due to bulk purchase - about 30-35%, with 10-15% of this amount - your rightful earnings.


People who earn a joint procurement, as a rule, focus on products relevant to them. For example, mothers often buy and distribute children's clothes or cosmetics. In the process, you learn how to accurately locate the "fish" places - with a wide range of products and low prices.


Unfortunately, the ordered goods will not come back again. Unclaimed consumer goods have in any way, but to attach - just to pay off the costs. In addition, the choice of goods in the catalog - the one more Guessing.

You can inflate or may be accused of is that it is all you cheated. You can make an advance payment, and the customer suddenly changes his mind and will take yes.

Alas, this is a business where you are constantly at risk of losing money - and well, if only their own.

2. Shop Online

What do you need:

How you can make at home

Many people are now thinking about the extra money. Increase their revenues can be at home.

Everyone has his own reasons: young moms in addition to household chores are willing and able to work from home, pensioners wishing to obtain an increase in everything not have enough pension, it is important for people with disabilities. In any case, the possibility of earning right at home is always there. Let's look at a few ways to work at home.

1. Before you consider the real ways of earning, let's talk about what you should not do:

  • Never mess with the proposals on the work, where you are required any initial fees, because you want to make money, not give the latter. Just promise mountains of gold, the scammers simply take your money and do not get in touch.
  • Do not get involved in pyramid schemes, it was too sad experience of the entire country. But, despite this, many people still believe that if they invest today 1000 rubles, the day after tomorrow will get a million. It does not happen.
  • Do not buy on the implementation of the various little things at high prices, most likely all you will - is an unnecessary item.
  • Do not pay anyone money for a promise to reveal some absolutely valid and unrealistic salary scheme, do not become the next victim of fraud.
  • Online casino, well here and say do not need anything: no matter how much you have earned, a sense of excitement will not allow you to stay in the win.
  • If you do not have knowledge of the securities market, stock exchanges a lot you do not make, though, of course, there are exceptions, but most of all it is a lottery.

2. Try to sell your knowledge and skills. All of us are talented in something, and perhaps our experience someone needs. You can start giving master classes at home, the subject can be quite different from soap making and cooking to foreign language teaching and yoga. Of course, all this requires a serious detailed preparation.

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In order to attract people, you must carefully plan each lesson and make it clear that you can offer customers. LAYOUT ads with service offerings and your phone. Make a small online business card, advertise in social networks, ring up friends. Take the price of your rates are lower than in commercial establishments.

This should be one of your advantages: valuable information for less money.

3. freelance work. The Internet gives us a lot more earning potential than ever before.


There are many exchanges, where you can write your articles for sale, to engage in translation, to develop a marketing strategy for businesses to build websites for sale and by order, provide accounting and legal services, and more.

From the Russian exchanges are the most popular content Advego, Etekst, textsale. Of the exchanges, which have a variety of job offers, better known: veblanser and freelancing overseas The Code. For lawyers and accountants - 1C and lawyer.

4. Preparation and sale of homemade food. You bake amazing cakes and pizzas, tasty soups? Why not try to make money. Think about all the details, develop a business plan, use only high-quality ingredients and work over the advertising. Perhaps you need a courier service to deliver meals to clients.

5. Start up the tenants. If you have a spare room and a great sense of tolerance towards strangers - you can make money. In the selection of tenants, be extremely careful, carefully check the documents and remove them with a copy, take the money for the payment in advance.

6. Sale of handmade products. Make your hobby a source of income.

The subject of the sale may make you made of clay or porcelain figurines and tableware, dolls, toys, Topiary, bouquets of chocolates and soft toys, related or linked things boiled soap or candles.

Try to advertise on,, create a group on the social networks, or open Internet shop.

7. Work on the phone. If you have the skills to quickly organize information, you have a phone and a desire to work - you can try to find work in a call-center.

There are many solutions: you can work at a small company that does not have an office and provide the necessary information about it, to work in a taxi dispatcher, the dispatcher of the courier service and so on.

These are just a few ideas for home earnings.


At a time when the economy is unstable, it is nice to know that there are a couple of ways to make money without leaving home.

21 way to earn additional income

In these uncertain times to any man come to the idea of ​​finding additional revenue options. And there are many people who can boast good profits derived from different sources. Where is the search for ways to make extra money, these magical bottomless pits filled with finances?

9 ways to make off-line

Mystery shopper

Recently, such a position is gaining popularity, especially in cities with an extensive network of supermarkets, where management does not have time to monitor the work of employees. This is the duty of Mystery Shoppers - Service quality control.

An experience

You understand electricity, plumbing, are able to collect the furniture or repair appliances? Or maybe knows computer, a good photographer? Earn on their own experience, offering services in familiar areas - great ideas for earning extra money.

Quick legs

Courier service is important and necessary. Demand and sticker advertisements, distributors of leaflets promoters. Yes and debris after massive urban activities also need someone to clean up. The method is not easy, but it is good enough for the pay.

apartments for rent

One of the most lucrative ideas to make money. How to take shelter - for the long term or daily, you decide. Particularly relevant are the ideas to make extra money for big cities and tourist centers.

own car

Owners of machines are very easy to find extra income. The easiest way to offer services of driving training. Taksovat also possible, but you need strong nerves and an excellent knowledge of the city.

Private lessons

Good options for an additional infusion of the budget. Tutoring can be, if you have experience in this field. If you are a professional in the field of sport - rent a gymnasium and lead their own section.

Aliens services

Perfect ideas for people with organizational skills. You can find among his friends a lot of experts and arrange their meeting with people who need their services. Your friends will not give up the extra money, and you get a well-deserved intermediary.


Become an organizer of events. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. To be able to create the holidays - a great way to make extra money. Over time, you can create and own events agency.


Growing of pedigree dogs or cats for sale, you can get a significant additional income. Demand for puppies and kittens with pedigree breeds consistently high fashion. And the price for the offspring of animals of precious species sometimes reaches $ 500 or above. In addition to cats and dogs in fashion elite to keep parrots, chinchillas, turtles, snakes, turtles.

Earn through the Internet

Shop Online

The most fashionable and popular form of income. It is only necessary to create a commercial web site, using the ready-made models and scripts that are free on the Internet. Such a method to generate additional earnings require little investment and bring a good return.

favorite social network

Multimillion-dollar public networks - Klondike for profit. There is information that the income of a hyped Public equal to the number of participants / subscribers. And these networks are constantly sitting for almost 90% of the total population.

Where profits come from? With advertising in their own groups.

your site

It is very simple and profitable ideas to make extra money. Now you can easily create a free website. Decide on its theme, filled with interesting articles that are updated regularly. Your task - to attract visitors. If everything is done correctly, their number reaches 2-3 months 500-1000 people, they will make money.

The main advantage of this method - the effect of the "snowball". The longer you run a website, the better it is filled, the more people visit it and profit increases.


With this kind of earnings can cope even inexperienced PC users. Implementation of the ideas he takes just 2-3 hours of work. What actions? Register at different affiliate programs (they are available in almost every online store). After registering, you'll receive a unique link that you want to advertise.

Fees are perfect with every purchase there of visitors coming from your link. The amount of interest can be 30-75% of the sale amount.


Every day, in RuNet there is a large number of sites that require a good filling and decoration. Here and go on the path of earnings freelance people. If you have a talent writer, designer, programmer - this type of income for you.

This job requires a certain knowledge and skills. But such experiences are available on their own, without leaving your computer.

Earn from clicks

Most simple and affordable way to make extra money. The only thing that you need - good speed internet and unlimited tariff. Register on click-sponsors, receive instructions from them and make money!

What do women


If you love to create something - this way of earning money for you! Hand Maid is very popular and always in demand, as souvenirs, beautiful crafts, embroidered items and cute dolls are created in a single, Collector's version. Creativity can bring a very good extra income.

your blog

Create your own web site, blog, where you will be engaged in counseling. Cooking, flower, hobby, child care or just reflections on the theme of life. Regularly developing a blog and attracting subscribers, soon you will receive good dividends. Great ideas to make extra money!

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Proud position of superintendent

In humans, there are different situations, takes all your free time. They may be pets (especially dogs), which is necessary to walk and feed. Children, for whom, in the absence of mothers also need eye. Variants of such additional income can be several:

  • For children. Keep an eye on young kids, or hiring escort children to school for elementary grades. Communicate with children very interesting.
  • The animals. Find part time in baby animals at the time of departure of the hosts. Or just for walking of dogs (the owners are late to work).
  • Behind the house. Many people are leaving somewhere for a long time, do not want to leave their possessions unattended. You can get good income, looking after the house (watering flowers, cleaning, etc.).

House, garden, kitchen garden

Owners of private land can be engaged in cultivation of flowers for sale, the fruit or vegetable. These goods are always in demand. And you're doing things you love the great outdoors, you will receive an excellent profit.

beauty consultant

Very lucrative extra income for women. Their skills - in life. You can always find clients who need a good manicure, haircut at home. If you know how to sew - you can create beautiful clothes for the animals or the original bedding. In the presence of medical education will bring good income massage.


Women - people sociable. To capitalize on the excellent network marketing ideas that do not require much investment. A good time for conversation, talking about products and sharing the news, you can earn good money.


Read more..

How to earn at home c child?

If you can do something with their own hands (and do well) - it's time to do this properly.

Sew, knit, draw, write poems greeting can be as long as the baby is sleeping or walking with him one of the family. The main thing is how you can tell more people about your skills.

To do this, use the forums, social networks, newspapers free classified ads in your city, and of their friends and family (even if they advertise you to their friends).

If your basic knowledge and skills can be used not only in the office / in the workplace, but also outside it - go ahead, for the development of freelancers (work at home). You can develop the design of sites, flats, landscape design; provide yuridich.uslugi, make boo. and other financial reports; tutoring, writing test, certificates, perform transfers.

Do not forget that it is very popular such a direction as copywriting (writing for different verticals).

Or maybe one of you get a great toastmaster? Just opened season))) Or you sing / play a musical instrument can not - it is also for weddings / anniversaries can be used.

If you have the appropriate skills or the presence of those familiar with (although a lot of information on the Internet) - create a website, better than one. With its development (at least about 6 months), you can earn on it placed the advertisements and links.


You can make cakes to order, or to prepare homemade meals for the nearby offices.

If a kid is not exactly baby - you can take to himself another 1-2 children. Better, of course, not a full-time (at least until you get used to it). Too many mothers need babysitting.

If you are sociable, enjoy a spread of cosmetics, for example, or other similar products - while walking, show catalogs to other mums.

You know how to do massage, cut / do hair, manicure / pedicure - invite customers at home.

In general, the most important for you right now - to analyze all of their skills and abilities to think, how to replenish its customer base, the full use of all the friends and family, and ask my husband / my mother and other loved ones deal with the child when they will have the opportunity to have you had more free time.

Good luck!

How to earn money sitting at home

Do not believe those who try to convince you that to make money at home is not possible. Such a myriad of options.

Quite a number of people because of the circumstances can not go to work, but have their own money they want. This young mothers and students, seniors and the disabled.

Such work can also be used as an additional income to the main profession.


Many of us are interested in the possibility of earning from home

Making money at home is very convenient. Schedule your work you make for yourself. Save a lot of time on the way there and back. You can do any work, whether it is mental or physical.

Ways at home earnings are astonishingly varied. Many options are offered today online. And if you're handy with a computer, let's look at the options of the Internet.

Options in the Internet

Ways to make money on the Internet a huge amount

Partnership programs

Simple, easy and affordable way to make a small but money. Is selling someone else's product and receive interest. Special skills you are not required. The customer has a website, you need to advertise in all the sources, it is best discussion forums.
Another option affiliate program - to place ads and links to the site you want to save on your page.

new dating

Work on dating sites that offer their services to citizens of other countries. A real business, which allows to earn good money. Here you will need a small investment. The main thing is you just need to set up everything correctly. Knowledge necessary for this can also be found on the Internet. A steady income for a long time you currently provide.


Writing articles literate, unique, useful information is in demand.

To find orders, choose from a huge number of copywriting several exchanges, register them, and look for clients.

On the internet you can find many training courses copywriting, paid and free. Spend a little time learning, and you can work from home without any investment.

If you own a blind method of typing letters and quickly, get orders for typesetting. You can do the editing of articles, checking them for spelling and punctuation errors, drafting tables. If you correctly and in time will carry out their work, customers will be convenient to work with you all the time. And, then, orders have to be forever.


And how can you make money at home? Surveys are often conducted online. Take part in them. Specialized portal can be easily found.

You will be offered a registration procedure, then your email address will be sent different questionnaires. Answers to them will help you make money.

The more profiles you mentioned, the more income. And the work is interesting.

If you sit at a computer for several hours a day you are not satisfied, it is possible to find work in another way. But the computer you will still need to advertise your business and find customers. Consider other options.

work hands

Hand Made

So called creative abroad with their own hands. Think about what you like to do, or what you do best. It is considered to be an excellent gift handmade soap. Why not do it for you? Another idea - fashion jewelry. Used for this satin ribbons, beads and other materials at hand. And what beautiful hair clips can be made using flowers, bows and rhinestones.

Gift crafts with their hands are very much appreciated

Many dream about it - do what creativity and at the same time earn money. If you do not, but there is a desire to learn it, get video tutorials on the Internet, which explains in detail how and what to do, where to start.

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