What issues are turning to Putin

Question: Where do you see Vladimir Vladimirovich 

1. Help V. Putin, I'm a big debt hole. I do not mind paying, but there is nothing. What to do? Borrow nowhere, I gained a lot of micro-loans because they do not give out a bank loan. And here there is nothing to pay, threatened. Husband beat me want to rape, we are afraid. Help me find a solution to this problem.

I need to raise the children, money is not enough. The critical situation. Big interest is charged. Help, disable all micro loans, because people get into such debt that then they do not get out. Where do you see Vladimir Vladimirovich. Irina .gylyutina.ira2018 @ gmail.com.

Law enforcement agencies do not protect me, I live in danger

2. Hello, Mr. President! My name is Nelly Shevtsova, I live in a communal apartment in the city of Vladivostok, ul. 15/3 Ocean Avenue, Apt. 3. In a communal apartment also inhabited by people in adjacent rooms, one of the neighbors for many years does not give me rest, recent threats to life have multiplied.

Moskalenko Eugene death threats, insults, and came to the use of force. I live in one room, I was very scared. can not do anything for Frunze district precinct, repeatedly wrote the statement, but I never even called back and did not tell whether the deal with moving seats.

When I asked they give me to understand the "no body - no case," if there is no examination of the beating, then there is no crime. I do not know who to ask for help. Even at this moment, she wrote me a message on the phone "look back". She knows when I leave and go to work, and threatened that I can and to watch for the street.

Also, when I'm not home, she climbs into my fridge (I'm afraid that may poison), stealing food, touching my personal belongings. I am very afraid, help me! I want to live a normal life, and are not afraid to go home. Take action, please. My mail schev.nelli@yandex.ru.

I just want justice, flat put up for auction

 3. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I had a very difficult situation in life. If initially tell - that I am an orphan. At the moment, a single mother with two children, but I'm not complaining. I manage. It's not that. Being married, my husband and I took a mortgage in the "Russtroybank", the bank goes bankrupt, we were transferred to the insurance company "aszhk". I regularly pay the debt.

They are for two years I was constantly details, but on their website I found them quickly. I never shall be notified in writing. Everything was in my opinion as it should be, but no. Comes a registered letter addressed to me that after 5 days I Court of overdue debt in the month of February 2016.

Although I in January of this year, there are bills, put it on the account of 30 million rubles, and my monthly payment is 9756. I thought that kind of nonsense and perhaps they are simply mistaken in its understanding of the situation is not thought that I would come to the court show receipts and everything will work out.

The judge did not take this into account, as I had to order a forensic examination. Now 9 months, my children and I live like on a powder keg. The court for the court, where I did not pay any attention. I wrote to the governor, the prosecutor, the guardianship - by that I do almost the same answer "everything is solved in court." I just want justice. Help me. I have nowhere else to turn.

They put the apartment up for sale, and I was with the girls nowhere else to go. I live in the city of Engels, 19, 5 block, 5 house, apartment 21. My phone 89,020,445,810.   

I have diabetes, I was an orphan

4. Hello, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. I ask you to pay attention to my problem and help. My name is Joan, I'm 37 years old. I live in the city of Karachi, Bryansk region. I have diabetes, I'm an orphan. No one to help, I am on insulin. I have 3 group. Disability allowance was 7,000 rubles, and the drugs are expensive.

At the moment, the group took off, although the disease remains. I can not work, fall in gipokomu. I live without a livelihood. I have a debt for an apartment, I want to evict Karachevsky utilities. I beg you to help me, no more strength to live, often starving. Please do not leave without attention to my request for help. My phone 89532775251, I write the phone, since there is no Internet at home, he asked me to write the familiar.

I wanted to ask you, I have a child with a disability from birth

5. Writes You Killer Alla. I wanted to ask you, I have a child with a disability from birth she herself can not do anything, I take care of it. We live in the village of Omsk region, Moskalensky district, village Tumanovka. We want to hold the gas and collected from all 30 TR Pensions have a child, a girl 13 years old, I'm 37, 20 tr all pension and we have to pay them or we will not bring to the gas house.

And though there was a law that in the village of gas to the house should be free of charge. Where it is necessary to file a complaint with the administration of rural settlement. She only does it with pensioners and children with disabilities tears up the money, and she is no improvement does the village. Thank you, and when I can find the answer?

Help to buy a home in Biisk

 6. Welcome, dear President! I never thought I would have to ask for help from you, but were so tired from our life situations that do not even know where to throw. My husband and I live 8 years, we have joint the two kids and the eldest daughter from his first marriage (she died Papa). I get her pension, which is completely spent on its maintenance - school, sports, clothes, shoes.

Also, there is a child allowance, the younger go to kindergarten. For maternity capital bought a house in gardening, a little of the remaining money is spent on its improvement, but more further construction money is not enough. As a result, we remained not suitable for cottage housing. Sadim garden, summer living here since October, have to look for rental housing, and live in it until the spring.

To shoot in the summer we do not profitable. Husband injured his hands were cut tendon, almost nothing to do with this hand normally can not, respectively, and earn enough can not, we live in the city of Biysk, we pay little. And already built can not. This house probably will have to sell if it is your support and add to the normal house.

Help us with housing, tired already 8 years wandering from apartment to apartment. Dying to his corner, inducing comfort and there always be at home, know that will not come home, will not increase the rent and asked not to release their apartment. Thank you to all the family. Mail Bakl020313@yandex.ru. Olga.

The question to Putin about the emergency shelter in Kopeisk

7. The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin from the residents of the house Chelyabinsk region Kopeysk ul.Obuhova city, house 13a. 8-90-60-41-82-69. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. I appeal to you for the fifth time residents Disaster floor residential wooden house built in 1939 the city Kopeysk street. Obukhov House 13 and this letter as follows. 

Our 8-apartment house is located in the center of the city Kopeysk, was built in 1939, log structure, the walls are wooden. The foundation of wooden poles, wooden floors. Our wooden house is constantly heat a little groundwater.

There is a Resolution of the Kopeysk urban district of 09.10.2015goda №2575-p "On recognition of home emergency and subject to demolition and resettlement." In an apartment with all the cracks climb woodlice, water rats, diplura. Scary for children. There is a conclusion of the State Housing Inspection of the Chelyabinsk region on November 17, 2017, № 24939 which states that housing is a danger to life and health.

We have repeatedly appealed to the administration Kopeysk urban district with a request to pay attention to the fact that the house is located in the industrial zone of the city water utility and resolve the issue of resettlement. The administration is responsible, a program of resettlement was not accepted. The city has many damaged houses, but none of them there is no water in the underground of the first floor.

However, our house is not included in the demolition of the program in 2018. We urge you to assist in the acceleration of obtaining decent housing Kopeysk. Sincerely residents of the house on the street. Obukhov 13a kv.№1-Ubiyko SE Sq. №2 Potapova NS Sq. №3 Komarova N. Ap. №4 Klinova NI Sq. №5 Shilov TI Sq. №7 Murzin N. Ap. №8 Sapatova SE The answer, please send to the address: Kopeisk ul.Obuhova 13a kv.8 Sapatovoy SE

I ask your financial aid

8. Recourse to VV Putin Dear Mr. President I ask you financial aid. I lost business, leaving debts. Issue price of 175,000 rubles. Find a job in our region is very difficult, the debt grows one hope for you. I have three children, the prices for utilities space, how to live?

My only hope for you and your honesty, I think that you will not disregard my request. I never in my life did not ask for a loan, but at the moment more is not much. Lenders sawing from all sides, the bank breaks the phone, how to be. Thank you for understanding. Here is my account details Alfa Bank 40817810208460034793.

9. Urgent need to 500 million rubles, close all of the delay, the debt is growing every day. I am a mother of many children, very hard, there is no more moral strength. Collectors call every day from morning to evening, SMS write, send letters, paying absolutely nothing. You are helping Syria and other countries and cities in distress.

Please help me, very hard on the soul, the debts have been strangled. Please help, I'm afraid that they would come and collectors will threaten most of all afraid for their children, and what will come and throw something out the window.

10. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. I write to you is why. I'm sick of epilepsy, seizures are rare so do not give disability. And do not take a job because he was sick with epilepsy, and what can I do? At the moment, I have not eaten for three days because I lost documents. The restoration needs money and time. Without documents no money, and without money instruments ... a vicious circle.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, do you could really help me? For any amount will be grateful. Kiwi purse 89243686074. I hope that you as our President of care not only in words.

Can I get an apartment in Russia

 11. Hello dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. I live in Germany and once wrote to you. I miss Russia and I wonder if I want to go back to Russia that if I could get an apartment? Me and my common-law husband hails from Tabris and my four children, the first child whose birth was in Russia.

Can we come and get all the apartment and live in it? Children have two studying in high school and then my kids where I can define? I have a question to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for if I want to go back, how I can help the authorities?

Help us to get Russian citizenship

12. Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Putin. I Bekirova Gulyanag ask for your help. My brother and I Bekirova Zulfuqar not already know where to turn. We were born on the territory of the Russian Federation Tyumen region Nizhnevartovsk city. Gulyanag was born on 10/19/1997 and 05/02/1999, the Zulfuqar At birth, we do not obtain a birth certificate because the parents were not citizens of the Russian Federation.

We had been to obtain a certificate in Azerbaijan. Now we have grown up, finished school, learn. Bekir Gulyanag studying for primary school teacher, and his brother in college at the oilman. We understand that late grabbed for it, but we want to be citizens of the Russian Federation, we are not forced, we are patriots of their country, want the future in Russia.

I'm the last course, I want to be a teacher, I dream to work in a school and continue to unlearn and get a higher education. Passport has received in Azerbaijan where indicated, that we were born on the territory of the Russian Federation. Help us to get Russian citizenship, do not let our dreams shattered. After all, we are not to blame, that it happened I have one way out is you do not refuse us. Realize our dream, we want Russian passport, we hurt one: born here, try to learn, want the future. I am immensely grateful to you. Thank you for having listened to us. We except you our president not to turn to.

How to be, how to survive?

13.Good time of day VV Putin! He wrote you a family Covina, living in the village Belokataysky District, village Starobelokatay. We have five children, one adult 24 years old, second in college 18 years, and there is a boy of 11 years, 9 years and 7 years. Her husband works on the farm. I got sick - oncology eyes, I was kept in retirement 3 years, I went to work and not be unnecessarily gravity tilts. Now we sit on the neck the collective farm, the salary of her husband who is in the winter and 4 thousand plus child allowance. Children do not see now the fruit around the restriction by paying communal 4000, the remains survive. I have a pension at 50 will, and I will turn 44, I shall live or not to pension and raise children hunting. Question: retirement removed, I am just sick, plus the pressure from the sun hiding, I see bad one eye distorts the picture, it is necessary to disassemble underfoot squint. How to be, how to survive? After reading the letter, I hope for a response.

14. That had the audacity and decided to write a letter for help. Tell us about yourself. I Kalmikova Elena. I live in the city of Bryansk. I am a single mother, dochechka only be a year or two. I live in a private home heating stove, the house itself is old. I wanted to take the credit, even if that would bring the gas and cover the roof, but who will give me the money to the unemployed.

With a small child it is difficult of course to live in such a house, damp, cold, moisture. I have no strength, I do not know what to do. Help, please.

15. I want you to turn to the issue of housing. I live in the Orel region, Uritskom district, village Naryshkino Street, Lenina, 226. I am an orphan, am a 4th year, I was given accommodation in the village of ancient settlement, but I do not want to live there because Naryshkino to 13 km, and I I study in the Eagle and the Eagle to 20 km., plus up to place my teaching 10 km.

It is very far away, plus I The petition requested an accommodation in the village Naryshkino me, but they say that we do not sell an apartment, but actually sell. There's buses run a day 3 times: morning, afternoon and evening. I will be very difficult to get to school. Help me, so they gave in Naryshkino. Letter from Koschevoi Yana Alexandrovna, I hope for your support.

Ask of course very embarrassing

Good day, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Please help me, my cousin. She has a very difficult life situation. Married, she had a baby, and her husband was not the man who showed himself initially. I started drinking, raising his hands on her, and eventually turned her with her baby on the street.
Her parents live in a dormitory on 18 square meters. meters. She got a job, rented an apartment, arranged for the child to kindergarten. But it turned out that a small salary paid and for all have to pay, and she began to take a loan of money instantly, etc. So how to pay in time, she could not, her debts accumulated under the rabid interest.
Collectors are constantly threatened her, blackmailed her, came to her parents and promised to throw them out of their rooms for the debts. Relatives have few. Her mother gives all credit for retirement, I told her, too, pay a single loan, but our help is not enough.
We are all ordinary people, we have a small salary. She's on the verge of suicide, it is the state, I do not even know how you pass, it must be seen. Holds for a child. If necessary, I can confirm to my request for help to show the letter from the collectors.
Ask of course very embarrassing, just the output of another, I do not see. Her number 8967487 93 06 card is attached to a phone number. Thanks in advance for you.

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