I ask help at least a little money

I Abramova Elena Ivanovna. I'm 68 years old and lives in Bryansk. This is not live, and survive. By their credulity year ago I believed swindler and took the credit, and then had to take one more credit to her husband for an operation, as a result of which he lost his memory. He is now, as a small child - all completely forgotten.

Now I have a pension for disability + is 12,400 rubles, and the fee for a loan 12875 rubles. The husband has a loan - 4000 rubles. I had to get into loans. Now call collectors - require you to pay, and pay nothing. I, and the rent has not been paid for 3 months. Medicines have to buy me and my husband. We were divorced, but his children refused it, I could not give it up, I feel sorry for him.

On the food is also not enough - well, that sometimes bring the relatives of potatoes and conservation. And now it's over and you have to buy everything, but not for that. I was given medication free full-time mental hospital, and the rest have to buy. We simply have nothing to eat, we are very much thinner. Undernourished, I several times both at home and on the street unconscious.

Help in any way, even if I though for anything paid. I already wrote a message and the photo I can not attach. My card 4276 0800 1875 8442 and the mobile phone 8 - 953 - 295 -57 56. I tangled in the web. And it does not help me not to get out. I sell an apartment - no way out, but there are no buyers.

follow-up letter

Hello! I Abramova Elena Ivanovna, me 68 years. I have 2 times sought help, but my appeal nor printed and I did not call. It is very hard for me! The apartment is in the mortgage. All retired surrender in the "East" bank under a large 26.6%. Six months make refinancing ask, they just write - "FAILURE". Since it is not enough to live on - I had to get into loans. Now it's payback time. 

Go calls and threats. I could not stand the psyche - being treated by a psychiatrist at the day hospital with my husband, we went for a long time, but he lives with me as its not needed for children, as after a stroke, he completely lost his memory, he is like a 3 year old child. Himself suffering and torments me. We eat really bad. Ask help at least a little money! Medication is not what to buy. My phone + 7-953-295-57-56 Bryansk g.

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