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In our house we knocked trouble! My daughter Belikova Evgeniya Viktorovna, born 10.7.2013 (5 years) NEFRABLASTOMA cope with lung metastases IV degree (RAC) She was always cheerful and happy child, and now she is fighting like a real hero! November 8, 2017 during a game, the daughter hit the belly November 10, 2017 has been observed tumor formation in the right upper quadrant.

We immediately hit "Children Oncology Clinical Center at the Morozov hospital." Immediately, many studies have been made: chemistry, CT, ultrasound of the kidneys and a bunch of a bunch of blocks of chemotherapy. (All necessary statements and documents can be provided). She was always well done and steadfastly endured all procedures targeting her.

Over the years, doctors did everything they could to save Genia, but the metastases in the lungs stronger and stronger each time progressed. In the end, we were discharged home. Die. But we're not even going to surrender and give up. We want to use, at least one chance in a million, that would save our daughter.

Now time is no longer on the clock, but in minutes. We need all the help, support and understanding. Moscow doctors do not give us any chance, just sent home to die. Please help raise money to urgently bring Zhenya in Israel or Germany. Card number 5336690325718288 Sberbank. Maya Alekseevna B. Thank you all very much, any help is important.

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