Large family with 6 babies and grandmother labor veteran huddles at 36 meters

Our family asks for help from not indifferent people we need to build annexe to the house we have 9 people mom, dad, six children and grandmother of Labor veteran does not need the state, on 36 meters. Yutimsya awful. Help a family with many children 6 children. Needy. We are not drug addicts or alcoholics, not lazy and just do not have enough money themselves to improve their living conditions.

Program, by age, do not come, I'm 40 years old, her husband of 48 years. Addressed to the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region - to no avail, not necessary, and there is no social housing. There you have it, we have to ask concerned people with the world brick by brick, nail quibble home world.

Your help is invaluable to our family. Do not pass by. God bless you. The site we put your project / project / gosudarstvo-ne-pomozhet-narod-nadezhda-na-tebya, where everything is confirmed officially documents. On it we have collected 12,000 rubles from the required 650,000 rubles.

Account in Yandex Money: 41001938187360. At the project's page using the "Donate" button, using a different key for a payment from a purse in Yandex. Or replenishment purse 41001938187360 through sales offices: Euroset, Messenger, Banzai, DIXIS has, Alt Telecom, MTS and others.

Map Savings Bank: 639002729057482272. Translation "from card to card" through ATM Savings Bank of Russia, Sberbank of mobile banking or online. WebMoney purse: R163545894133, Z356487160684 QIWI purse +7 9615770513. At the expense of the mob. Phone: +7 961 577-05-13 Other options: Wallet PAYEER P10846412.

Urgently needs 650,000 rubles to 12,000 rubles today gathered at the project site! Just be very grateful if anyone can help food, diapers need to №5 small. The drug Creon 10000 for the middle son, he operated removed gangrene of the ileum and the life of this drug is now drinking.

Just be glad things if anyone can pomoch.Esli can help things will be grateful to you. Dimensions of children Artem: height 168 cm, r.46, leg 40 r.41r. (summer Winter). Rafa r.44 155 cm leg 38P., Vladimir 145cm leg 38P. Alexander 140 cm leg 36 p., Eugenia 130 cm., The foot 34 p. Savely, he was a half years old things on the growth of 90 -100 cm. 22 r.24r leg. Pope r.170 cm. R.46 41r.42r leg. Mom 158 cm. 46r.48r. 38P leg. Bedding and towels are needed.

We would be grateful if you are gifted! Our address: 457668 Chelyabinsk Oblast region Verhneuralsk n Safronovsky street.. Pushkina d. 37 sq. 2 Kharina Olga Aleksandrovne tel: 9615770513 8 (attached to the Savings map).

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