Pay off the loan you need very

Pay off the loan you need very

I will tell my life story, more precisely its parts. I lived in the small town of Svetlograd, almost all my life, several times tried to escape and left, then to Krasnodar, then to Moscow, tried to get a job in life, but I returned home, first by my mother. Then in October 2017 I found a job in the city of Stavropol for a savings bank, a contact center. And already in February took a credit card, and April a loan.

Well, I work like a bank, try it. Then I had difficulties, toughened the quality assessments, did it specifically not to pay the premium, I was on the stands, and the credit and credit card was very much helped out, but at the same time they drove me into the debt hole, the credits are really evil. I live alone in Stavropol rent an apartment, I try to be independent, I help my mother.

So it turned out that I left the bank and now I'm looking for a job, I go to interviews, they will certainly pay small sums of 15-20 thousand, rent ten thousand + 2-3 thousand utilities. I'm afraid that I can not pay my debts on my own, it seems that they only grow, a loan of 250,000, a credit card of 150,000. I am very ashamed that I have such a debt and I would be grateful for the help in repaying.

There are people who like to throw money away, please throw them into the wind in my direction. And believe me never again I will not take any credit, no matter how hard it was for me. A lesson for life Card number (salary gold, with free annual service for now) 5484600012468998

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