Please help/With the work kicked 4 months ago/He took a loan on Mom's funeral

Please help1. Good afternoon. My name is Tatyana. I got into a difficult situation. As I had to borrow money, because there was no money in the family on the death of my mother. I asked the microfinance companies. The money I got the whole burial procedure was successful. But return them very difficult.

I cover only the interest, and sometimes not enough to cover them as well. I live with 3 daughters and Dad 80 years. I can no longer cope with the situation, because the debts are growing, but wages are not added. I ask you to help, we need the sum of 350,000 rubles. N cards 5484540011146353 . Thanks in advance to all those who can help me.

2. Good afternoon! The cry of the soul is no longer turned. With her husband lived 14 years, we have two beautiful children. But it turned out that we have a divorce now, and it is very cruel with the division of children and property. I have never imagined so much dirt in my life, so much slander, my husband and mother-in-law will not back down, they want to leave me without everything, and with debts not my debts. The husband divides everything, all his loans (and he has three loan agreements) wants to hang on to me, (as everything is divided in the sexes and credits too), a TV set, a refrigerator, a phone that I gave myself, even a built-in closet cupboard. Please help someone who can, I can not manage alone. I'm begging for help. All supporting documents are there are all lawsuits. Please help, God bless you all. Any help will be welcome. Please, only without insults and reproaches, I would never have addressed in my life and did not think that I would ever ask for help. Savings Bank Card 4276842015330834

With the work kicked 4 months ago

Help please, very hard. To begin with I have a 5 year old daughter, I am now at the 6th month of pregnancy. With work drove another 4 months ago unnecessarily worked informally from private owners. Met a guy, he was like an orphan given an apartment, I think everything will be fine, but fate has turned against us. 

It now was put in prison, I am afraid that I, as his mistress kicked out of the apartment. I have nowhere to go, the parents do not help. We even eat at home there is no bread. I do not know to whom I refer. Please help us. Soon the New Year, I really need help. I'm afraid to get depressed because baby sensitive to my tears. And they say you can not be nervous, even in the loop of despair climb. On medication or even small needs no help. Please, help.

He took a loan on Mom's funeral

Good people, I am a single mother. He took a loan on Mom's funeral, yet calculated, accrued rent. Son plays sports (shows promise), also needs support. Salary scanty 9000. To all broke her leg in three places with an offset plate inserted (extra charge). Walk will start any time soon. The hospital is not paid. At least in the loop climb. A child may not come on vacation, because training in another city, there is no money for the journey. 676196000378884747 card number.

Mother kicked out of the house

Mum single came in a difficult situation. Mother kicked out of the house, I have almost a third child soon to be born. Informal husband can not work because of the loss of documents. Sitting at home, an apartment rented for the money from the sale of cars. The remaining weeks before the payment, we can stay on the street.

Help the work of her husband, without documents he was just right with him. No one takes without a passport, and is registered in Vyborg. And seek not to anyone and there is no money even to go there. Who than can, on the card number 5469 5500 3193 2004.

Solid debts. I pray for help

Good afternoon everyone. I am writing here with the hope someone can read it. But what if. I am not a beggar and I do not complain about life, well, that this is my destiny. We briefly describe their lives. My husband and I met in an orphanage. Together we have already 6 years. I am 20, my husband 23. Works tram driver. I am a housewife, we have 3 kids.

A month ago, buried her mother, the day after the funeral, I had an accident, the car can not be repaired. Now I am still awaiting the court with the insurance. Solid debts. I pray for help. In return, I am ready to do that, ask. All I said is the truth, I can be documented. Write to call if you have any questions. 89,080,504,513. 

Work will not take

Hello, I Rogachev Andrey Pavlovich, I am 19, just returned from the army. Work will not take, did not manage to get education, graduated only 11 classes. While the army was seriously ill, my father was a heavy back surgery, and now the recovery period. Need money for medicines, for public services, accommodation is no money. Even on food. Please help me, but who can. We would be happy to even 20 rubles for bread. 5469350012745883. This is my savings bank card number. 

I live in a rented apartment in a strange city

My name is Elena. At the moment, I was in a deadlock. A single mother son 1.5 years old. I live in a rented apartment in a big foreign city. Moonlighting odd jobs, go do the cleaning. Pay the rent only missing son to buy clothes and eat funds are not sufficient.

Then my son got sick, do not go to work temporarily in the debt and credit no one gives, relatives and friends there, I was left an orphan. If you can help good people for my son, all hope for you. I do not give up any help, I'll be glad of any sum. Here is my bank card 5579765708947773. God grant you health and good luck in the coming year.

I heard a lot of scams on the Internet

I live alone with the child. I heard a lot of scams on the internet, but I never thought that Narva on them. Due to the fact that I was sitting with no money, out of despair, I trust a stranger. Scored loans to invest in securities. And I just cheated! I sit without money and with a bunch of debt! To work can not get out, because in our region with gardens problem.

My mother is one. I wanted to help my mother and myself with my daughter. Now I can do nothing, neither my mother help or daughter to arrange a holiday. Now, just think about how to bring back all the debts. At the very heart began to ache because of all the emotions. Daughter and mother do not want to show their status.

I do not have relatives or loved ones

I write here from quite extreme! My name is Irina. I am 18 years old. Unfortunately, in my 18 years, I was left alone with a one year old little daughter. I do not have relatives or loved ones, and the father left us, unnecessarily frightened of responsibility. I have a wonderful daughter grows, we are surviving as best we can.
But here I was offered to go to work, but I have nowhere to put my daughter, because there is no money in the private garden, because the state takes only 3 years. We have the only hope for you! If everyone at least 10 rubles translate, we can gather in the garden, you give us hope for the future.
I can give my daughter to kindergarten and I had a job, with which I can secure the future of your child. It's my dream to have my baby was all!

Savings bank card number: 4276030011882731
We hope for your support and understanding.

I lost a beloved husband and father

Good afternoon! I write and I wash my face with tears, so hard. Left alone, he has lost a beloved husband and father. He left us and gone to heaven ... We stayed two little princesses same age, just crumbs, youngest daughter just 2 months! Milk I have lost, in a mixture no money even for a carton of milk has no money, that do not know.
Payment of the grant only January 15, than I feed them do not know! Neither friends nor acquaintances one does not want to help, at least in the loop climb. Now they will wake up, and I do not know what to feed them! How hard. If there are good caring people, please help me, I will pray for you, very hard!
I will be glad to any hack, you may save us! Map Savings Bank 4276845016771443, happiness and prosperity to you, and God forbid anyone be in this situation!

Money for the funeral has not been

Hello, my name is Olga. I got into a difficult situation. Almost three months ago, his father died, because it was not money for the funeral, I took a few microloans, interest mad, but I thought cope. But to my great regret it is impossible.
I am a single mother with a small salary of 9000 rubles. Payments is simply not feasible, and even rent and food. Debt accumulated as early as 40 thousand. Call at work and on the phone, threatened. With the work said fired if you do not decide the issue in the near future.
The last hope for you, the loan amount in installments. Expect more than anyone. Here savings bank card number 639002269017221783 and Yandex purse 410,015,741,635,699

I am writing here for the first time and hoping for a last chance

Good day to all caring people! I am writing here for the first time and hoping for a last chance! The situation is very complicated. He lost his job because of it got into loans. While looking for a new job, I earn as much as possible one-time loader, but the entire income goes to pay for all those same loans. Food I eat every three to four days, but nonetheless loan debts are increasing every day like a snowball. No money at all. There is nothing to pay for the rented apartment. The hostess has already throws in the street, and I did nowhere and no one to go. I was on the verge of despair, help, please, whatever they may be! In the future, I will stand on his feet, can give. In total, you need to 80000. And now to the most important debts, including the rent, you need to 30000. Do not allow to become a bum! Here is the number of Sberbank card: 4276 3801 6663 3979. Thank you in advance to everyone

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