House burned down, the salary delay, of a removable housing expel

Hello! We have the fault of the drunk neighbor burned down housing. He died too. The administration of any assistance, do not wait for anything. Russia after all. With his hands trying to restore everything, to repair. At the time we rented accommodation with his family. We do not live one. Parents of both long gone, and friends once and have not got.

Who is so constantly without money (so they say) may not like to give in debt. Cape husband working in one office. Never has there been such, and then the third month delay salary. They say there is no money, be patient, everything will be paid. The trouble is that the landlady evicts us, because 2 months no payments and all fed with promises. As we have our bosses.

Help, please, please. We have nowhere to go with children. Though in debt. As we will pay, everything turned out. We're both hard workers, do not drink, do not smoke, but it so happened that they became like a bum. Without money, housing, and food are trying to buy economical. This is when the boss will throw us 1000-1500, per family. Every 2 weeks.

Children do not even treat yummy. Thank you very much for your help, who responded. My number 8 (950) 026-93-56. The card is not linked. map 2200 7701 0139 1516 Region: Leningrad Region.

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