Asking for help / I'm a single mother with two children

Good time to all! I am asking for help, as already know: that is not deduce. I am a single mother with two children, for health reasons had to resign from their jobs, children have no father, a survivor pension is barely enough to make ends meet. When worked, everything was more or less smoothly, nothing to complain about.

Now I interrupt the Internet part-time, but sometimes not enough money for food. Ranked relative 5000, she gave the other too familiar to do when everything is fine with the money was waiting for almost half a year, but do not expect to return. Friends! Please help feasible - but who can.

I do not spoil the kids, even though sometimes I try to please with something tasty. Our challenge now - just to survive, until I decide health problems and then get a job. My details Savings Bank 4276 2600 1617 2354 . If someone decides to help a large amount, we can be contacted in the LAN, to agree on the terms of repayment. We would be grateful for any help! With respect and hope, Daria.

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