By their credulity caught in the clutches of a rogue

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I am 68 years old. I live in Bryansk. A year ago, on his credulity, and not only (is that being treated by a psychiatrist) caught in the clutches of a swindler who "forced" to take a loan of 200 thousand is not%. In general, I was left without any money. He appealed to the police, but she did not find corpus delicti, although about anything I did not ask.
And gone - gone, I began to get into loans, Husband took a loan to pay off debt on loans, not all repaid and loans again. Now the rent has not been paid for 4 months. My entire pension is spent on loan repayments. For medicines and food money does not remain. My husband had a stroke, as a result of which he lost all memory of it as a small child, one can not leave it.
I have at home and on the street a few times were fainting from malnutrition. Both are very thin. On the phone call, threaten, demand money, and I had nowhere to take them. Laid flat, I want to sell it to get out of debt, but the buyers in the old housing do not go. Our house was built more German prisoners.
I'm so desperate that I was again treating psychiatrist, well, that her husband does not understand anything. His children abandoned it and we had divorced, but I feel sorry for him. Please give at least some skolko as possible. It is in some way to help me. my phone 8-953-295-57-56.

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