Continue treatment for his son

I am the mother of "special" child Danilka have cerebral palsy. We live in the village, where there is no opportunity to pass appropriate treatment and rehabilitation for his son, so you have to travel around to different cities. Danilka 13 years and all these years we are in the search for treatments and travel operations. At this point Danilka 2 years he became blind ...

After undergoing surgery on heavy feet began to disappear sight and six months later he was gone altogether. 4 transactions made in Moscow, but with no results - the vision was not maintained, the last operation was carried out already in the organ preservation. Since then we have become accustomed to live in total darkness, to learn something and to regain lost skills - for 2 years of treatment of the eye, we missed a lot in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy.

With the money that had saved during this time we have already passed the 2 courses of treatment, but these kids need constant rehabilitation, with minimal interruption. In the year of the course at least 4 to pass. The course of treatment drugs + Chinese massage, reflexology and trainers had a positive effect for Danilka.

He became more focused, more confident began to move along the support, no longer afraid to lie on his back (after the loss of just lying on your side or stomach), improved coordination in space. But he began to Danilka walk and navigate you need to do a lot more!

In 2019 we have planned a trip to the Chinese experts in Novosibirsk. Already received a preliminary score on a course, and it is 57,000 rubles. We made a request to the CF, maybe we're lucky and we will pay for this treatment. But to sit back and wait, we too can not - time is working against Danilkin health!

In addition to the appointment procedure, we will need to undergo additional medical examinations and consultations - all for a fee. Before the start of rehabilitation, we plan (if collect the necessary sum) to follow a policy of implanting collagen filaments (filaments May Xian) in the bio-active points of the body. Worth 25,000 rubles this procedure. Do you need 3-4 times at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

It turns out we need a safety net 100,000 rubles thread + additional costs for accommodation in the city. At this point Danilka takes Chinese medicine to support the immune system and activation of brain activity. All of these drugs are very expensive. We accept: Cordyceps, complex brain activity, Omega Flex, calcium with vitamin D3 + complex preparations for cleaning the liver and kidneys.

We live on a pension Danilkin and we do not collect such money even for the year. Therefore, and we have to turn to strangers for help. Not for nothing do they say to the world on a string bare shirt. We hope that there are good people with a big heart and willing to help us.
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