Cry from the heart / Help with mortgage

Good for all! Vologda I (may have heard about this city), from a large family, my mom and dad have 10! I 7th. Our prosperous family, 7 sisters and 3 brothers, we are all friends families. Dad always worked two jobs (1991 Pope did not), mother - heroine! Left alone in these hard times with 5 children. I love and respect.

I am asking for help! With the civil husband we live 17 years. Two girls have given birth, the eldest 14, the little 4 years. Working with her husband, we took the car to a car loan, pay 16,000 t.r.v month. Live-in-law, she is a good woman quit her job to stay with the baby, whether sick a little, and let me go to work, everything is at least some extra penny in the house.

Two years ago we started with her husband strained relations due to alcohol. He simply becomes inadequate when the drink. He endured long warned that I would leave and take away the children. Well, where is good when children see that. Eldest is very worried, and a little all in the garden tells a great shame and not clever in front of people.

He was not always drunk, but binge drinking had already lasted for three days. It's disgusting to watch when he was asleep at the dinner table or carries nonsense. And my patience came to an end, began to apply to the banks for a mortgage. I counted 15,300 for 20 years of my 23,000 so do not pull one, and no one would approve me credit for dependent children 2.

Maternal capital is of course, but it is like a drop in the sea. Any amount will be glad, thanks in advance. My phone number 89115141797. Card Number 63 900 212 900 856 7836.

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