Dad left us, left us on debts

Dad left us, left a debt to us. We have 4 children (younger sister, 2 years old. His younger brother, 7 years old. And the younger sister, 14 years old) and my mother. Mother can not work because she has a small child. I (the elder son) can not help, I'm still learning, and I can not work due to the fact that I do not have a passport.

We came from the Donbass, when the war broke out there. Mom can not ask for help, because she believes that someone is most needed. And so I forgive you help (in this photo mother, younger sister, and my mother, my sister and me there is no). I am very grateful to you if something can help. Mom's card number, her name is Natalia Mironova. 4276 8100 1554 5255.

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