Difficult situations

I - mother of many children of five children, with great hope, I address to you for help! We live in the Republic of Bashkortostan with Krasnokamsky district. Kuyanovo lane. New house 54. In 2015, in order to improve and enhance the living conditions for their children, we decided to build a big house. We bought a plot of land.

The newspaper "News" found the organization LLC "StroyTehTsentr" and called. The tube is picked Gilimzyanova Zaytuna Mufasinovna and introduced the director of the construction company. He offered to meet. We met up with her in the so-called office, she showed several projects from the Internet.

And for small money, it attracted us, that is it, we counted 10 House • 12 two-storey with bay windows and a terrace for 1.6 million rubles. She promised us all to perform and deliver turnkey (This includes the interior) by May 2016. Since we had no money, we sold for this 1 bedroom apartment and took a mortgage Rosselkhozbank to 1million 300 thousand rubles.

Money given for the house fraud GILIMZYANOVOY Zaytun MUFASINOVNE and now no home, no money we have not. It turned out that this family is a part of her husband and daughters since 2007 under the guise of a good construction company deceived people and took away their money and simulated active construction and cast construction.

We are one and a half years with promises of "fed" Just like us, in the initial phase of construction was left with what many families. Repeatedly people including us were fed at her statement and the prosecutor's office and the police, and always came to the refusal to institute criminal proceedings.

Then we have filed for her in court, the court won. When we asked at the trial: "When you give us our money?" She said, "When will I have the money, then I will give." According to the court, we were supposed to get their money, but as we have explained, bailiffs, their account is nothing as bailiffs since 2007 to their accounts seized.

We are in despair because her husband's salary is not even enough to cover the loan. I cut and I was forced to stay at home. I worked as a psychologist in the school, but during maternity leave school was closed and did not notice me, and without warning, transferred to another school, where the state was not a psychologist.

And when my daughter, May 9, 2017, three years old, I, with many children mother was asked to resign. And to the question how do I feed and clothe the children, threw up his hands. My husband earns one spouse earned money is not enough to pay the mortgage and we have to borrow and give all the money in the bank.

And so we have nothing to feed and clothe the children, we have to borrow from friends, acquaintances, and my mother, 80 year old patient pensioner. And give us no where. But we also pay utility bills, for kindergarten, etc. And we are forced to ask for a sick mother 80 years with pension money to something like "make ends meet".

We can not pay for electricity, for gas. We are in a very distressed. A wife is sometimes more and sent on leave without pay, and he does not know what to do, how to be in such a desperate situation, simply do not know the most important thing is what to feed the kids! WHAT SHOULD WE DO? WHERE TO GO? WHERE TO FIND MONEY TO CLOSE THIS MORTGAGE LOAN AND BUILD OUR CHILDREN nice spacious and comfortable home?

This cheats still can not be held criminally responsible, it all forces resort to ploys and always comes out "unscathed". Our money and the money of other people cheated, she lives quietly in his pleasure. And this woman - a liar and a fraud did not even think to build us a house, and she did not think to return us our money.

And even if it is planted, we still can not pay the loan. We have repeatedly appealed to the Agricultural Bank, where we got a mortgage, and we have repeatedly asked us to help in this situation. But the Agricultural Bank refused to help us, and we are forced once again to look for money, just to avoid overdue credit.

It is very hard, we are desperate. The last hope for you! Please help our family! WE HOPE ONLY FOR YOUR HELP. HELP!

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