Disabled family need financial help to repair

Disabled family needs financial assistance for the repair of $ 150 thousand rubles. We live in a communal apartment with no amenities. You need to buy an electric boiler, forced ventilation. The room has no ventilation, you need to put plastic window. Buy and install a shower cubicle, tiles on floor and walls.

Photos of the premises where the repair will be done are included. You need to change the tube. Write on e-mail luiza.morozaite@yandex.ru. Yandex money 410015446784477. Just my husband and I are both disabled since childhood, and put your shower and wash every day is a dream that we can not carry out without assistance.

Her husband broke his leg right now, can not walk on the leg Ilizarov apparatus. I find it hard to wash it now even as I myself walk on crutches. Help me please.

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