During his senseless youth, I made a lot of mistakes

Hello! During his senseless youth I have committed many errors, which are now being destroyed life. Years passed outlook has changed, but the ability to pay is not there, I'm working, not freeloader, have a girlfriend, rent an apartment, bringing up her younger sister on the circumstances.

In my debts may suffer a brother, because he was the guarantor. I am very ashamed of it. Bailiffs with me and my brother want to keep 250,000 rubles, my debt is about 500,000 rubles. I implore help, I can not handle himself, the salary goes to the apartment, eat, and child.

My Account Igor V. Ovchinnikov 04.26.1987, on them you can see that I'm not lying. card number 5559 4925 0049 8715. This is not my only offense, but it will suffer a brother, his apartment in the mortgage, I ask please help!

1.I tell his life story. I am a person who earns little money enough only for payments, food and medical treatment. Often sick, the problem with the back and spine. Believe in God, I go to church. Not enough money for something to put on their desires (a house in the village, to make repairs to go relax, go fishing, I dream of a family, a motorcycle).

I am living in a large family of 3-room apartment. A small salary, and not health. I would like to ask you to support financially the person who seeks to enter into a new world. Belarusbank card number 9112 0000 1826 9247 Shiloh Constantine.

2. Hello. My name is Larisa. I dropped his hands. I do not know how to live and feed their two children. I'm not an idle grasp at any second jobs. I sew at home, repair clothing. I work as a waitress at weddings, funeral. My ex-husband does not pay child support, and sue me 1/4 of my parents' house, due to the fact that the reconstruction of housing the maternity capital was used.

I have to pay him his share, a year can not pay for communal. The youngest daughter is constantly sick. She has a serious diagnosis bulezny cystitis. This requires serious treatment. Probably why I can not cope and had to ask for help. This is not peculiar to me. I hope that when I put on the feet of children too can someone help. Number Sberbank 639002609001456483 card.

Life stories

3. People will be grateful for any help. Feeling as if someone cursed me. He lived like a good family, a child. Then he had to get a divorce, not my fault. The house and all the property I had left his wife and his daughter. Lived in Sochi, I rented an apartment. Then he came to his parents. Mom calling for a long time, wanted to after the divorce, I lived with them. They have a big house, and they are already old stepfather.

I've decided what I look for, and the truth can be better to stay in his hometown, in the house where I grew up. And there went a solid black band. There is no work, a small town, all the money that was I just spent on food and household needs, everything is nothing, I thought, to begin the season, get a job on a construction site, but the silence is complete. To advertise, it is useless.

And then there was the stepfather chasing me, he says I'm his childhood life poisons. Mother, respectively, against the fact that I was leaving, but I'd be happy to go where there is work, for example in Moscow or Rostov, but now there is no money even for a ticket. In the end, I was left with no money and found that I was actually homeless.

Work in the city is not at all, on the flat, respectively, do not go away and live on the streets do not want to. At least I can spend the night with them more because of his mother. Spend days wandering around the city, looking for at least some work and balances eat instant noodles to eat. Help to go to Moscow. There I find a job and take off housing. I am the master finisher, I think I can get. card number 4276 3000 1409 1998 My number is 89777084069.

4. Hello, here I decided to turn to you with a problem. I'm desperate. In mid-2017 have a mortgage with my wife, our two young daughters (twins) were paying a mortgage regularly and on time. But it happened grief, his wife died in a car crash. I was left alone with two daughters. I was depressed because of his wife's death. He lost his job for his stupidity.

Rodney I do not have, so I grew up in an orphanage. Call collectors threaten, saying that housing will be taken away. With the girls I have nowhere to go. I ask you for any help. I would be very grateful to every penny, if possible, I'll give everything, like I get out of the difficult situation. Thank you for attention. Savings Card number 4276030016514057 Vyacheslav Vladimirovich. QIWI +79841791448

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