Former Chernobylets asks for help

In 1987 he participated in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident. Now I am 56 years old. Became sick stomach, heart and joints. And still want to live. Granddaughter want to school to prepare an excellent student. A very clever girl. In four years, we had already read, we solve the problem in the first class, I teach her to play the piano.

All my plans for the rest of his life connected with granddaughter and grandson can and if a son with the daughter decide to her second child. But for this we need a little bit of health, and I'm in the last year and a half has started strongly to take. You can go to receive medical treatment in Israel or Cuba, they say there are doing wonders with people exposed to radiation.

But it should be at least half a million rubles. I the pensioner is not a pull. I ask good people to help former Chernobyl cleanup veterans a little bit to improve their health. Thank you. Sberbank card number 4276 5500 6101 3986 Sergey M.

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