Help a single mother. I implore

Hello. To begin, I must say that it is ready to provide proof that I really am a single mother. Photos of the labor book, which shows that at the moment I do not work. There is also a book of Registration in the Employment Center, where I get 3900 rubles a month (53 euros). In the past, when I was still working, then she took the credit.

Everything was excellent, I had paid. But then disaster struck. Son, he was 4 years old, was constantly sick. I took sick leave. For six months, I worked in all, a total of a month, because the child suffered. And everything was over and did the hospital. As a result, my superiors to do everything that I quit. I was dismissed from his post. We create bad working conditions. I had to leave.

At first, I got reasonable money from employment centers, but six months later, and they declined. Now I really can not pay your loan. Very worried and afraid. And it is a big burden on the heart. Constant feelings, excitement. What's at 3900 rubles. Pasta, chicken, potatoes .. All. At the same time the cost of living in Russia 11000 rubles.

Of course, I did not sit idly by, I issued a grant that would son went to kindergarten free of charge. I do part-time job at a rare bread, fruit. Generally, in my work there on my profession. There is work in the shops, but there is a twelve-hour working day. And I have a child and I'm alone. My mother died when I was 19 years old.

Do not think I did not give birth as a beggar. I was always at work. And then it happened like that. And employers do not want to take on the work of mothers, especially single. It is possible for hospital sheets. And I have growing debt on utility bills for the apartment. This swamp draws me deeper and I began to give up.

I reached the extreme and I write here. Please help. At the moment, my dolgi- is 60,000 rubles. You can call me +79507432555 or write to the post office Here's my card bank Sberbank 639002729005154361 in my name Yekaterina F. There is also a card payment system WORLD 2200090100147649.

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