Help children in house

Hello. I am a single mother asking for help for their kids. We live in one room in a communal apartment, all children are not adults 14 12. 7.7. Dreams, parents live in retirement. We all live on 20 square meters. Loans taken'm afraid as I work for wear and try to feed the kids and give them an education.

We stood in the queue 20 years, but the state decided paltry sum to improve housing conditions sufficient, but it is not enough for even a room in a communal apartment. Help someone as you can, do not want to fall into the bondage of the mortgage and credit. Once he took credit for the daughter of an operation paid. I do not get alimony.

The room is damp and 1st floor, the floor falls by 8 cm. They opened up the cat that the mouse is not assailed, constant queue to shower and toilet. Children are constantly on the nerves, the neighbors too loud live (owls). Whatever they can to help when there is an opportunity to help herself, but now cornered. Health and good luck and thank you very much in advance. Here's my phone number 89091698522. Leila. And the map of the BEAC. 63900238 9076668136.

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