Help for the trip to consult with doctors

Hello! My name is Natalya. In June 2015 my son got electric shock, which has involved the amputation of two hands above the shoulder, the amputation of the right rib 12 and ring finger with the little finger of his left foot. From the hospital where my son was surveyed was requested Institute of rehabilitation and habilitation of disabled FGBU "Federal Research Center of Rehabilitation them. GA Albrecht," the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

What response was received - they are ready to perform and carry out rehabilitation prosthetics for free, but first we need to come with her son on internal consultation to the Center professionals at their own expense. It amounts to approximately 200 thousand rubles, which at the moment is for me very heavy due to financial difficulties - from the receipt of the injury my son, I have no right to work due to caring for a disabled child.

With my husband I have long been divorced, his place of residence is unknown and the alimony he does not pay, and pensions are not enough to pay for the trip. In connection with this, please help. If you have any questions please contact vkontakt or mail or call the number indicated. (Link address and contact my daughter). My contact number - contact 8-950-984-25-12 e-mail - goncharovanadya22 @ mail. Link vkontakt: Savings Bank card number: 4276 3100 4445 0965.

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