Help pay off the MFI

Hello, my name is Natalia, I'm a single mother. Please help me pay off microloans. I know it's ridiculous nonsense, but I had nowhere to go when the child was 1.5 children payment over and I wanted to give the baby to kindergarten, and she go to work.

But places in the garden was not, though in line were from the birth, and what to feed the baby, the relatives do not help, and that's had to take microloans. Then he took microloans to micro-loans to pay off other child and now finally have the kindergarten and I went back to work. But such an amount of 350 million I do not really pay once, and rising interest rates.

Please help me much as you can. Here's my phone number 89248574854 this number is bound card Savings Bank. I'm sorry if you do not fully represent, I just really a shame, if you want I'll give all the documents and prove that I am not a crook and people who really need help. Thank.

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