Help pay the loan / money does not suffice / Took loans in MFIs

1. Help me pay back the loan. My husband and young family with 2 children, 4 daughters and 1 year old. Am on maternity leave, her husband works as a driver minibus. But money is not enough. We took out a loan, paid as it should, without delinquency, but a couple of times and we were sick daughter to spend no money to pay the loan on time, fearing delay took a quick loan and now it all went downhill.

Now our debt almost 200,000 rubles. Money is not enough. We wanted to make a refinance, the husband a bad history, but I'm on maternity leave and we did not approve. Relatives help to ask there is nobody. The parents of a husband with money tight, mother a nurse, father is also a driver, the salary is small, and in addition we have also 2 sons.

My parents, too, will not be able to help my mother retired, and my father worked as a janitor at the store. I am ashamed to admit it, but sometimes we eat the decommissioned product to at least for something to save. Really need your help maybe someone can give a loan for a minimum percentage, or someone has an opportunity to help pay off our loans. Or transfer free of charge money as you can, for each ruble we shall be grateful. My mail account 40817810348000503440 in Sberbank.

is required to repay the loan2. Help anyone who can repay the loan than 150,000 rubles. My name is Max. I am a young dad. Not long ago my wife gave birth to my daughter 1.5 years ago. We are living at her parents. But the money not always enough. Half a year ago I took out a loan of 150,000 per case and went bankrupt and now I still have to pay 5 years for air. I work as a sales representative, but no sales, I sit on the bare salary of 15,000 rubles.

Of this money, I have to pay 5000 rubles for the loan. and the child, and put his old car repair vases 2114. If it is not a machine, "my nurse," that would be sitting with no money at all. The taxis do not take on such a wreck and the people afraid to carry. I'm not talking so that my wife and I dream of the apartment and a new car. . Savings card number 5469 4200 1435 1798.

3. Help to pay off credit card in the amount of 40,000 rubles. I did not think that I can not pay off the card because it was poorly informed about the percentage. I bring a little bit, and the debt as if it stands on the site. I can not get out in this situation. Accustomed to pay fairly and on time, but now I have financial difficulties.

The husband with the work does not add up, we have a child, and this card is like pulling into the maelstrom. Help her close, never going to take credit. It's all that attractive, and spanning into debt from which people offer then just do not get.

4. Hello, good people. It was all in debt. And yes, I know, my fault. It all started in August last year. I'm from a small Siberian town. We decided to move with her daughter in a big city. And I did not calculate the forces for the big city. The first employer I threw without paying wages. The next job was looking for another 2 months.

And at this time you have to pay for the rented apartment, studying her daughter to pay the current loan, and want to eat. In general, I took loans from MFIs. Now money is only enough to pay the loan, and the loan is not enough. A crippling interest there. Who debts for MFI 150 TR I would be very happy for any help as a grant and interest-free loan.

The main thing to settle with MFIs. Maybe lawyers will help free of charge. Money can be listed once MFIs. Thank you all in advance. Map Security My 4276180645834408. elektronku Phone can not leave, because I can not answer. Tortured calls from MFIs.

5. My name is Vladimir! My wife and I took loans for land acquisition, 650 TR bought a year has passed. We came to the administration for permission to build a bathhouse, in the end it turned out that the land is subject to the public and can not be built on it. In general, they said illegal, we acquired it.

As a result, sued, I work as luck would have covered, small shabashki interrupts. Court was not there, when and how we return the money for the land, we do not know, but it is necessary to pay loans, the money is not enough to live on. I do not refuse to even $ 100, please help who can. Savings Bank account number 4276849026813286.

6. Please financial support. We are a young family, husband, wife and two children (a girl of 8 months, the boy year and 8 months). We have purchased their homes with a mortgage, but due to a job loss of the breadwinner, barely surviving a difficult situation. In our village special operation to find urban, plus my husband disabilities. 

Because of her work is not always taken. Please help us, at least minimally who does what he can. We understand very well that we are not the most needy and do not blame the government in this. In such a situation may be each. husband card number 2202200398261527.

It has managed to take credit7. Let me start from the beginning, I myself am from a small village, live in the city with her husband and child. Has managed me to take a loan, then could not pay, tormented collectors, the husband said that I lack of talent, in the end the debt came to the bailiffs. I thought, thank God, but it was not there, to the duty to work officially Figures do not take.

Mother left me and my brother even when at school studied, father died of cardiac ischemia, 15 days after I gave birth to a son. Like coped, thanks to my angel. Now, all over again, depression, tears, feeling that one in this world and I can not handle.

Please help if the case, though council thought that it would be better not me, sonny sees me so, but I can not help it. Generally weak to cope with apathy, I think that a child can not see me at all, he could feel the happiness, not weakness mother, I hate myself for being weak. Rybkin Elena 11.02.1988.

8. Hello! I'm desperate. My situation here is how: first, I was lured to the beauty center, there is persuaded to sign a contract with them. Issued me a credit for the amount of 120 thousand rubles. Next, another center under a different pretext as I was deceived. (It is now in the amount of 60,000 rubles).

I received not so much, so we had 3 more credits issue. One loan is repaid, the others continue. I lost my job. There was only a disability pension. Help to get out of a debt hole. Account for money transfer Yandex purse 410,011,575,621,760.

9. Do not think that you have to ask for help! The fact that my wife and I povyazli in credit debt in a million two hundred thousand for two, with the salary is not very big. I am a porter, it is simply an employee! Before that, we lived with my mother in a communal apartment in a four room.

Took credit for buying a home, and now its barely make ends meet, with greater job salary I can not find, so they do not see one eye, also had a fracture of the skull base, with retinal detachment, a broken jaw from both sides. All written it documented. I do not know what else to say. 89690495284. Please help partially repay loans.

Fraudsters have removed money10. My name is Galina, I live with my mother in the village. Artwork is not live on a pension, and if where I can not go to my mother to leave unnecessarily it is not workable. I have been approached but I stole the money scammers, if we do not pay it will be great interest.

Relatives of all refuse to help.

I lost my SIM card which has been connected to the mobile bank, did not have time to lock and removed all the money. phone number 89093502534 attached to the map.

11. Good afternoon! I decided to write, I hope for your help and support. Do not deny yourself. I got in bondage, no way out. I took a loan at one time, when I could not find a job. Now, too, s / n I have a little girl.

MFI threatened my parents. Very worried, the constant calls. Sum growing need 150000-200000. I myself pregnant. I want to have a calm and raise the child. Map Savings Bank 4276 6200 3948 0680.

Help pay the loan 12. He took credit, not I, and my sister, but she took me. I regularly paid him, everything was normal. Recently he lost his job of course through his own fault, but nothing could be done. And while I find the delay runs, with my sister swear, but it's clear to her call to the bank. Please help, whatever they may be.

Thanks in advance. My name is Alex. card number is 410015948629247 Yandex plastic card is not present. Sorry of course very embarrassing, but the output of another, I do not see. Looking for work, sometimes works, but this is not enough, just enough for food and still no frills, but I still have a baby.

13. Good afternoon! My name is Guzel, I'm married, we have three children. I am writing to you to ask for help because of the stalemate. Bank debt of two million a penny, mired in debt of their own stupidity. Paid monthly on 95 tr Always have to borrow.

Work, scramble, trying, but we need a small shift that we were able to pull themselves. It is very difficult to close one loan, where interest rates are crazy, it is the duty of 500 TR Or to lend a certain time so that we could get to his feet. And even if you decide to help the 10 th rubles, we'll be thankful and grateful. Card Number: 4276 8720 4540 4481.

14. Good afternoon, I want to ask for help, and worked as a sales representative all turned out. Had a happy family, a daughter was born in August. Broken car flew PPC had to take a micro-loan. Made car, a week is not leaving, the engine broke down, it is not funny, but one had to.

The machine is in auto-loan, the loan interest rates are falling. Fired from his job because you need a car. There is no money to repair, to find a job to somehow survive. On auto loans scarce, but the loan interest rates have dropped such that it is necessary to 3 of my paycheck today. I understand that he is guilty and that people have more serious problems, but if anyone can help.

The family went to the disorder my wife because of finance scandals. Thank you read. Sorry, it is written, I just do not know what to do, waiting for help nowhere. Savings Bank VISA card 4276 4000 4338 8769.

15. I do not have a terminal illness and I did not get into a terrible catastrophe, but just to a certain point, my life turned upside down. I bring up her son alone, the genetic father of the child first assisted, and then with the phrase: I gave him a life! It disappeared in the vast Russia.

I had no time to worry, because the older boy became, the more it was clear that is not like the others. The boy was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's syndrome. Needed drugs (kogitum). I live in the suburbs worked in MSCs from home at 5 am, returning at 23:00, and sometimes did not sleep for 2 days. After 2 years, was taken to Kashchenko with nervous exhaustion.

For almost a year I drink them, and can not work, they told me severely hamper. He lived at the expense of loans and credit cards, and all said that they had found part-time home. Now it is necessary to pay, and pay nothing. I have no one ask nothing of the familiar (a shame). Yes, and you feel ashamed, but I have no other choice. 4058 7030 0021 9214.

16. deceived husband, I do not know how to live! My name is Julia, a long time lived with her husband, gave birth to a daughter, which is currently 1.5 years. At that time, while living with her husband, he asked to arrange the loan, since he worked unofficially and he did not approve a loan, the loan issued to 1500000 rubles.

Then learned that the husband has another woman, and he went to her, with the money, now do not pay child support, or work longer to pay maternity benefits, since the child turned 1.5 years, now live with his father, who salary of 13,000 rubles, data enough money for diapers and food.

To go to work is not possible, since the start in the garden does not give, I am ready to go to any part time, with the ability to work from home, but it is a can not find. Please help in a desperate situation, I'm going crazy from constant calls from the bank. I always try to help orphanages, organize the collection of things, help physically, but she fell into a situation from which exit do not see. 4276 4000 7817 4779. Please do not leave this situation alone.

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