Help repay the loan

Hello! I decided to appeal to those who can help. We have a large family. 5 educate sons. I live modestly, but I can not say that bad, but the fall heavily, our car broke down and had to take a loan for its repair. The loan is 50,000. But give credit does not work ((All money earned goes to food and education for children.

We had not borrowed, but this time it was a desperate situation. Help someone who can. Card Number: 639002389082476318. map is framed on Gurevsky IY We will be grateful to all responded.

Помогите в погашении кредита

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Павел. Прошу вас помочь в погашении кредитов на сумму 600000 рублей. В данный момент не работаю, ищу работу, меня уволили и платить стало нечем. Занять негде, банки отказывают. Карта Сбербанка 4276855046985293.

Павел 01.11.2018 14:23:35

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