Help to survive

We bought a two-bedroom apartment, requiring repair. Money was only enough for this, but it was a small business, working and doing a little repair, on which time began to live in an old house with no hot water. ... But it so happened that the business lost, and to pay off debts taken loans.

A year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer with bone metastases. Social medicine home and treated on the dropper come once a month to Moscow (250 km). The benefit of the treatment is free. In itoge- husband works hard to keep me and four of our kids and give loans. I sit with the children being treated and to wash and wash I walk with children up to 2 km in his apartment.

Repairs completed only in the bathroom filled with cement floors, walls repaired. But in order to complete the repair modestly need about 70 000 rubles. But this money is not, because everything that makes the husband leaves for loans and meals and travel to Moscow for medical treatment. Even on utility bills is not enough.

Help me please. Loans still have 350,000 rubles. Now it's very heavy sum for us. I did not have the strength to live in such conditions. Savings Bank Card Number 63900210 9003885359 or on phone number 8915794 62 54 Natalia R.

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