Help to survive. Ready to work

The situation is critical threw first customer, then framed partner, then turned co-founders and "friends", of which there were many. As a result, personal debt, taking loans to save the business -.. 4 million rubles, and the debts of the business (now we can assume that personal) - 9 mln. Rub. Lon naturally increases. Business in the legs.

Debts to the state yet, but soon will be. No longer should live on that. Nothing to support his family. You know - with such debts will not live long. The situation is a stalemate. Although strong, smart, 2 higher, previously it was successful and succeeding. Previously, the business was successful. Until the business was successful in the top positions in major companies.

Please help material and assistance in business through co-sponsorship. Money is ready to work in the business. Ready to take a co-founder in the business in the amount of 70% of your, my 30%. Or in any other way. I have 3 legal entities with a / c, no tax debts.

There are several business projects to the feasibility study, which is ready to implement for your profit. Help to survive me and my business, and I'll work for you, give you the most business and I guarantee you my absolute personal loyalty. Mail

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