I ask for help in paying off all debts

1. My name is Anna, I am 24 years. Please help in the repayment of loans. A year ago, I did a great folly, referring to the MFI for a loan. But the money was urgently needed at the moment to pay all the interest, but they may not share in the decrease. Please help, I can not because of debt.

All the money goes to the delay. I would like to finally close this horror and breathe easy. If you have any questions please contact avbelova11@yandex.ru. My card number 4276380125568167, if anyone can help I will be very grateful to you, please help.

It should be very get rid of loans and debts that burdened me

Get out of debt

2. Tell your story of life, or rather part of it. I lived in a small town of Svetlograd, almost all his life, he tried to escape and was away a few times, in Krasnodar, that Moscow was trying to settle in life, but back home, first by my mother. Then, in October 2017 he settled in the city of Stavropol to work in the savings bank, the contact center.
Already in February, he took the credit card and credit April. What type of railway bank work, I try. Then I started to have difficulties, tightened quality assessment, done specifically to avoid paying a premium, I was on the stand, but the loan and credit card really helped out, but at the same time drove me to the pit of debt, credit is really bad.
I live alone in Stavropol, rented an apartment, I try to be independent and help my mother. So it was that went to the bank and now a job, go to the interview, they will certainly pay a little s / n 15-20 thousand, flat remove 10 thousand 2-3 thousand + utilities. I'm afraid that I can not repay their debts on their own, it seems that they only grow, credit for 250 thousand, credit card 150000.
I am ashamed that I have a duty, and I would be grateful for help in paying off. There are people who like to throw your money away, please throw them to the wind in my direction. And believe me, I would never ever do not take any credit, no matter how difficult it was not to me. Lesson for life. The number of my cards (payroll gold, with free annual service yet) 5484600012468998.

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