I beg your help to start life anew

I am a simple man has always been a housewife for their loved ones. It so happened that my family threw me, they are now living every man for himself. It is very embarrassing and sad to say and understand. I was left alone with his dad, he was 80 years old, he was disabled, fractured neck of femur. We live on his pension in rented accommodation.

Leave him alone at home can not require care. I own pottery, you need to buy the equipment, the potter's wheel and a muffle furnace. So I could work from home and sell their products gradually, treat it and pay for housing. Loans do not give me because I did not work officially, and all his life to clean up after family, loved and trusted them for it for anything in return is not received.

I was left alone with the pope, without housing, work and money. Help who can and what can possibly over time I would be able to repay the debt and to thank people who help me now. My contacts +79282560054, requisites: Map Savings Bank 5469300805609531, tatyana Goryacheva.

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