I beg your help, it's just a dead end /Need money /To request financial assistance

1. Please help me, it's just a dead end. My name is Julia, I have three kids 15,13 and 8 years old. The older son's epilepsy. I live in the village, where there is no work and live not sweet, but the health of the baby had to come here 6 years ago. The situation is critical, separated from civilian husband, who suffers from alcoholism.

Over time, there is degradation of the individual alcoholic, began humiliation and insults eldest son (he is not his). He left, leaving us with a debt in the stores for gas, electricity. Identify problems immediately ran to the guardianship, with the threat to take the children for an empty fridge and debts to utilities, are our laws.

People! Help us to live up to the summer, where he graduated from high school, go to work and studies by correspondence (for he already has a place). All documents will send on request to e-mail, do not let my children abyss and join the ranks of "official" children.

2. Please help, I am a mother of two children, a widow. Her husband died in 2014, rented a house. Money is only enough to buy food and pay the rent. Children's wear is necessary, but not much. Someone condemn, say "go to work", but I work as a cleaner and get a penny. Many do not ask, there is millions, if only slightly.

From relatives I do not have one, I'm alone with her two children. Help, I wish all the benefits and not get into my story.

 3. I would like to go and work abroad. Debt for apartment exceeded 200,000 rubles. I live in the city of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. I work, but unfortunately a job with a good salary is simply impossible to find. Salary card arrested. Steeper as I can.

Loans never took and take not want, the more loans. I'm not in the \ n. I just want to go and earn. Extensive experience in the restaurant, have a degree, as in the workplace. Unfortunately yet to find and it is impossible to leave, as the debt. I would be glad if someone tell me and help with the work.

4. Hello dear, I will not lie, do not like, I would say everything is clear and straight. Maybe someone of my truth and help, I will be very grateful. Well, more to the point, they need money to buy a car, go for a drive with his girlfriend. In the summer go on the sea, even to something.

I have a very poor family, I am writing to you already because of hopelessness. Help get even one person happy, give a chance to live. I would be very grateful.

5. Hello, my name is Paul. 3rd year student, studying decently 4 and 5, the scholarship does not allow my mother to help with loans, and work does not, to at least some money was paid not to the age so to speak. We need your help to pay off the loan, the sisters continue to raise, and I move.

Father I do not, he died in 2015, so there has been much harder to climb. I decided to contact you. Money is needed is not a waste, and to help my family. My mother did not work, no luck with the boss, she's looking for a job, but unfortunately once in an empty, have to borrow from relatives and friends.

How it all to return, I do not know, moreover, that we have loans and debts running out. On his father's retirement, we receive of him, especially not live. We were in a family of four, 2 sisters, I and my mother. Because of this, my mother begins to borrow from relatives of the money I earn, even though a lot of money, but bring home, but that zero sense. Money is spent on the road to college and food.

We have a car, but the years take their, we sell it, but I need a new car that somehow get to college and takes the girls to school, there is no money even for gasoline. So I planned to sell it and buy a new, but cheaper, I dream about Audi TT. I ask you for help.

6. Pray much as you can to help! My mother is an alcoholic, I'm 13 years buried uncle, dad. After her mother was hit by a car and I had to throw the 8th and 9th grade. She had a comminuted fracture of the right femur. Then when I put it on its feet, I went to study at the school for the seller's cashier controller.

In my first year I was pregnant, I'm 22 years and I have two children. Their dad took to drink because we have sold the plant for iron is not Russian. To work here there is nowhere, and I am now entirely without care. Mom and drink, and I with a small daughter 9 months and 4 years old son survive something like 5,300 rubles.

7. Was in a desperate situation financially, and most importantly with health problems. I do not have cancer and not a disability, but I am no longer able to tolerate the pain. Knowingly ride to the doctors, to record a bunch of drugs for which I have no money and howl in pain at home, in the presence of a small daughter 6L.

Mother taught me since childhood to work, suffer and complain, which led to chronic sores heap. I have no relatives, so I helped her mother with a preschool. We often moved, I changed schools 10, for 9klassov. Before school gathered in the cold sea-buckthorn. In the 14 years I worked illegally in a brick factory near the knife. In 15 years, the whole year, and in the cold worked in the summer sneakers.

For 18 years I earned a Tanzilya chronic gastritis, cystitis, hemorrhoids, low back pain - a deformation of the vertebral sections. And when stress or just simply it is all aggravated. More than once I have sores on it were taken away by ambulance in serious condition. Especially sore throat and back. I am not lazy and do not like to live in hospitals, I want to live and work.

Even when I did not have 18 years, I was left without a mother and documents. I wandered, survived, but did not give up and did not drink, she regained all the documents other than medical. It has achieved a place in the children's home to finish my studies. Work, get a house, a 25-bore and everything was much worse.

For food and firewood barely risen, daughter of nowhere, so the last 7 years, I was not treated at all, only injections ambulance. All came to the fact that now I'm due to complications of osteochondrosis and hellish headaches is difficult to do simple things. Remove the sweater, wash the floor, move. All joints ache and pop, face swelling on the left.

Need surgery to replace the jaws facial joint. Yawn, eat, sometimes even painful to talk, breathe hurt because of osteoarthritis. Recently, the pain in the head, back, jaw brought me to attack. The speech was slurred, his head shaking, his legs were chattering, even a bunch of sedative injection and three ambulances are not removed completely pain.

Debts for utilities tr 7, travel to Omsk for examination and for medicine that prescribes a local neurologist there. Daughter too often sick. Credit 49,000, live on 300 rubles for children and sometimes sends ex-husband to eat the baby. I ask help pass free treatment in Omsk and pay off debts. Surgery on the jaw doctor said to do in China, and to cure at least half to ease the pain is worth 16 thousand.

I'm on the road is hard to find, not to mention such treatment. My daughter is very attached to me, she will not be able to live in children. house. I am very much afraid that the same will happen to us. I do not want her to suffer looking at my meal and hit the children. house.

Even last year, I was able to work with these pains and seven days a week on 2-3rabotah, and now I find it difficult even to get out and just walk around. I hope for your help and advice. We have a daughter with anyone but each other. It is waiting for your response.

8. I am a single mother. Her husband died of liver cancer, and the parents had gone to the other world seven years ago. Who is left with two children, I live with a friend, as our barracks in which we lived before was burned out for drunks neighbors. She will soon give birth to a baby and we have to go somewhere, and remove a new home can not because they do not allow funds.

Son goes to kindergarten, and the daughter is still very small, and therefore appeal to you to help much as you can. I do not overpower everything itself.

 9. Good people. Difficult circumstances forced me to ask for financial help from you. My name is Alexander, died yesterday my older brother Yankin Vadim 06.03.1974 year of birth, born in the city of Omsk. Not having lived 2 days before the 44-th anniversary. He looked up the clot. Parents no longer with us, we live very modestly, even.

Why live? Because we are now left two of my sister and I. I am the youngest in the family, but she is working at this moment. I have back problems, I do not work temporarily. That's the way life is to prioritize. At this point, I beg you to help people for God's sake, it is very hard to lose loved ones.

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