I hope the world is not without good people

I hope the world is not without good peoplePeople, men's help who can in difficult (I think hopeless) situation. I'll start from a distance. I myself was a disabled person of the 1st group from the 2000th year, then the criminals who were covered by police covered me with the apartment, they beat me, cut me, pierced my ear with a screwdriver, then when I was unconscious, I was tied up with a fishing line and when I came to consciousness again everything was repeated.

Then, when I stopped giving signs of life, they took everything out of the apartment and closed me with my keys for two doors. Traces (scars) from the line still remain on the hands and feet. In a day, I missed my mother (her heavenly kingdom). I was only 35 years old then and since I had severe craniocerebral trauma I was prescribed a disability.

I am a disabled person due to a common disease and psychological, but life lasted while my mother was alive, in 2014 she was gone and everything went downhill. I very seriously suffered a loss, the condition worsened and my sister became ill so I could not work anymore. Has transferred or carried some operations, in September will be on heart, and now people without bribe do not give disability.

Now, especially in connection with the increase in the retirement age for 8 years. And we live with her together for my 13 thousand rubles a month, now it's something about $ 200 for two and if in 2015 we had enough for food and Chinese clothes (then 13 thousand was about $ 450 for two), now it's just a disaster . The doctor appoints the six times a single dietary meal, all the money goes to food.

You can only pay for mobile communications + Internet $ 10 and for electricity last. But it's still half the trouble - I was left without housing, my cousin's wife, using my psychological inconsequence, sent me her familiar realtor and she persuaded me to sell her and my mother's apartment in order to pay off debts and live in a new apartment.

As a result, the realtor in 2017 sold both apartments and all the money was transferred to my cousin's wife and I did not see any money. For some money she bought an apartment in the name of his brother's wife, the rest she took herself. The police and the prosecutor's office are inactive. He wrote to the investigative committee, he opened a criminal case, but the police hid him.

Now the last apartment for debts on housing services is deprived. There is absolutely no way to get out of this bottom. Please help me at least a little hold out. All hope for good people. Account of the card 4817 7600 4381 2795 Visa Classic.

I'm married, 2 children, we have long dreamed of his apartment and finally found a suitable apartment and the hostess said it was selling the apartment we rented. So we bought an apartment in the mortgage in addition it had to take 5 more loans in different banks.

I'm on maternity leave, did not get, the salary her husband lacks, paid for everything, and a garden and communal. Parents themselves live in retirement, too, can not help. Somehow make ends meet. Who can help to repay at least part will be very grateful to you. Map Savings Bank 5469460010521374. Yandex money 410,014,603,969,744.

My name is Alexander, I'm 57 years old. I never asked, but the need has forced to ask for help. All my life I worked as a driver in the heavy-and long-distance transport. But it so happened that ill, lost his job. Our doctors were illiterate, brought to oncological diseases of the throat. You need to go to for treatment. It is 400 km back and forth, and no money. Help who can map a, b 4276161917968330. on kiwi + 7-908-921-23-83.

borrow ?! Already in debt

I ask the help with the money of those who can understand. I am a mother of many children (were) standing in the queue for housing. But all passed, as children grow up, and I did not is a large. I live in the summer kitchen with two children, 13 and 8 years old. Daughter and son. Two daughters are grown up and live separately.

For maternity capital, I could only put the walls to hold the water in the yard, put a new fence, gate to gate. And yet. No facilities or public. Please help to improve the conditions and warming summer kitchen. Very cold in our kitchenette. One living and one kitchen. Only two rooms. I would be very grateful to all not indifferent.

borrow ?! I already took in debt up to his head. We want to believe in miracles, and people with a good heart. This card number 5469600034546564.

You wrote a large family. We ask for help from the good people to buy winter clothes and children's products. Good and rich people much more than those who read it and turned away from us, not even thinking about how hard life family. Ask for help from our rotten state is useless, already tried. Those people who are really interested in our help by clicking on the details of the reserve of the Savings Bank 4276 0900 1177 0062. Thank you very much, if someone will respond to our request.

My parents sold a house

I do not know where to start. My parents sold a house, when we were in St. Petersburg, I was born there. They spent the money quickly, registration now I have not. We moved because the work never was given, referring to the residence. First in Belarus to relatives, but they were the same title, nothing helped.

Money did not exist, my mother turned to my grandmother's sister, if only to register, but that only helped to get a loan for 40 thousand and all. And the money we spent to get out of the terrible Belarus, where Russian there is nothing. And we moved to Anapa. We were very bad; bad eating, only the grandmother's pension.

Since the resort city, the summer I hardly could get, but this is again just for the summer, and the money barely enough to live. Now I'm out of work I sit, in the winter again almost nothing to eat. I need any help, I would like to go back to Peter, but I can not. The situation in a terrible family.

To work without a residence permit will not turn up, but it is here and not at all. Who did not apply, no one wants to help. I am desperate easy. I want to somehow organize life. But in Anapa is unrealistic. And Peter I could not go back, and did not make registration.

Money on clothes, shoes, food, accommodation

My name is Lily, 44 years old. In February, one year old, as a stand registered in the TS.Z; forward direction of the course. I live in the village, where it is difficult to work with. So for me it is very important to get to the course. All this time, as they could help family financially. But I have a lot more clothes (large size, shoes, meals, accommodation).

Courses from TS.Z. paid, travel is not yet clear. Somehow it all over again hard in my life, and not just tell. If someone touch these lines help. Photos are in sots.seti, I can not make it here, and the daughter of a page at the time helped to arrange. Be blessed!

Dream - for a large family car

We have four children and they have this dream is capacious machine for large and happy family. We live in a 100 km. from the city and constantly you have to hire a car to travel to a clinic and shops, but not all agree to take the children.

Therefore, I ask to help with money for our dream, because our income we save for it for 20 years Map SAVINGS 5336 6900 2226 2283. We are grateful to all who respond. Mail t.shlyakhova@list.ru.

My parents are not rich

Hello! I have quite a small request. Please help save my telescope and microscope. My parents are not rich, so it's still not buy. And he told me urgently need. Interested in astronomy and like to look at something small. The telescope needs of 30,000 rubles. In addition to cheap craters on the moon will not see anything. A microscope of any suit. I would be grateful.
QIWI: 79,620,307,792 .
IMPORTANT! Do not list in the purse more than 60,000 rubles, or they will not vlezut purse. These are the rules of the bank.
I also would not mind to take from anyone unwanted telescope or microscope. Email me at motkov.vladislav@mail.ru. In this case, you do not need money.

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