I hope very much for your help. Because there's nowhere to go

Dear readers! I hope very much for your help. Because there's nowhere to go. My name is Andrew, I'm from the Republic of Tatarstan near Kazan live. The fact is that like many here present their requests, I ponabrali loans. Me hanging one loan at a little less than 200,000 rubles. I pay him.

Hanging card at 100,000 rubles, I also pay her, but not enough, and about IFC loans and refinancing loans previously these - I am silent. I have no money to pay for them. Credit took his father to help us with the early closure of debt and repair. It helps to pay, but what it can, but it is not enough to be honest really.

Therefore, before I resorted to the refinancing program, thinking it would be easier. But nothing like that is even worse, because it climbed again in refinancing loans +. I have a wife and a little kid in the near future. And we begin our married life with debt hole. I did not think it would come to this. Although the ruble. I am very grateful to all of you. communicate with me 8 (904) 767-09-74, E-mail: nasibulin186018@gmail.com. Map Savings Bank 4276 6200 2016 8997 (Andrew M. N., Yandex money still is: 4100 1571 8939 326.

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