I need money for education (higher education)

1. I am 20 years old, named Katya. Dubbed right amount, and at that, and then tell you, I was faced with a situation. I need money for higher education: 200 million. In fact, I'm absolutely grateful for any help. With the world on a string. So what is the situation? I will try to briefly and without nurses.)

I live with my mother, my father died a long time ago. Mom did not work because caring for a sick grandmother (mother's mother), she has Alzheimer's disease. I study at the teacher training college, or rather just finishing, writing diploma. I worked for the past year. I worked all summer due to the cabin. In the autumn, with the start of school has moved to a private job (sitting with child).

But summer came and the child is left natural. Sitting with him is no longer necessary. Mom's cake beats that I entered the institute. I myself know, higher education is required. He is trying to help and does everything in her power. That is, I have been free with her friends, who are involved in the faculty on which I am acting (directing).

Due to the entrance exams and graduation, I can not get a job in the summer, for almost the entire summer pass exams. But I'm still looking still options where you can get a very loose schedule. Mom can not get, because she did not burst, taking care of my grandmother, who does not think about anything, and my mother did not have time to just live.

I can not admit that it took a loan of the same amount, occupied, asked or gave the last pending money for the operation (especially as it will work without credit). Ready to take itself, but due to the fact that the amount is large, there is no credit history, and I'm not working, I also do not give.

Mom definitely will be a cake break to work out the money, ask to borrow from friends, to hold something in the bank, the latter will give money, but that I definitely came this year. I tried to persuade her to enter the trail. year, but she begins hysterics, she believes that I did not exactly do that. In general, they can. I do not ask for a specific amount, of course.

Though at 10-50 rubles if a lot of people to help, then you can dial. There are still 2 months. I ask for my mother. I will not forgive myself if she will take the credit. I will work, if will do (all the same), and of course, in any case, upon receipt of s / n will give money. I do not beg for free, request a loan for an indefinite period. I earned. Sberbank card number 5469 5500 6536 4686 Panova EA

To pay for school needs money

2. Please help me, I'm just a student from Russia, I live in Moscow, I work and study, but the money is not enough to pay study, parents are pensioners live in a village in the Samara region, and I would not want to have to ask for everything, I would like to be independent but work and study to combine hard, I full-time learning, still living alone in rented room, who was a student he will understand, as I work on weekends in the "McDonald's" round the clock, to make it a little it turns out, asking for help, the Savings Bank card 4276 6900 1756 5851.

3. Orphan. Came to the big city to the university itself, no one explained that it is possible to take advantage of the benefits. I sit without money. Work interferes with learning. Not even enough to travel on public transport, about food and some pampering silent. Please help. Recently took a small loan, and now have nothing to pay. No money, more and lenders began to overwhelm the calls and threats. Even a small help will be vital to me. Thank you for understanding I have nowhere else to turn. WebMoney 618721067483.

4. My name is Diana I am 21 years old, studying in honey. Please help me pay for school 60tys rubles, I combine work with study, it is still not enough money. many students do not pay, I work as a nurse in the hospital, my income is 7 thousand, I pay for with gelatin for food almost does not remain, and I generally keep quiet for my studies, I beg you to help me! 5469600023382237. provides itself as began to live separately from their parents, and the opportunities they have.

To study no money

5. In the difficult financial situation the family, studying on a commercial basis, the latest installment was 15,000 rubles, to take the money nowhere, Mom cut, no pope. Have a little sister, money is hardly enough for food and to pay for the apartment. Just would not have asked if it was not such a situation, you need to pay for training until 15 May. We thought at first we find the money, but nothing came of it. Map 4276630017268106. 

6. I am uncomfortable to ask, but nothing else left to do but this. I study at the Institute and I need at least some finances. I live alone with my mother and she was for health reasons can not go to work. I have to do everything itself, but strength is running out, studies have called into question. Moonlighting in his spare time from studying, but it is not enough to pay the rent, just enough for basic food. Pope we do not have, and relatives who can help. Credit us no one will. Kiwi + 79224743417. 

7. Hello my name is Anastasia and I'm 19 years old. I'm in China. My parents sent me as the overseas training better. We thought that the draw out. Mom is now in Korea on earnings. I study on my mother's and grandmother's retirement salary. In the second year we did not have half the amount I took almost all who have in the dorm.

Half of the section itself with the amounts that are sent to the room. For some, the amount may not seem large. It remains to pay 50 000 rubles. In addition I have to pay for textbooks that I also took in debt. I told my mother that everything is given. They are now too hard 2 credits yet and I'm in China. The house need to be repaired so as already required.

I promised to give up all the holidays, but I got excited. Money began to send a little less than before. Accordingly, the debt I pay slowly. Help please pay the debt. I'm living something really lacking. Sometimes friends feed or the Chinese who know about my problem. Please help who than can. Do not leave this letter simply gather dust in the Internet.

8. Hello! My name is Lana, I am a student of fourth year MSUTM them. Razumovsky. My mom nepokladaya hands every day trying to provide me with everything: food, clothing, a roof over his head. But it so happened that one day everything collapsed. Mom cut from their jobs at the end of April 2018. Until now, she can not find her.

Father I do not have brothers, sisters, too, some of our relatives do not want to communicate with us. It's just me, my mother and my grandmother. Grandmother's pension is only 10,000 rubles. With this money we buy some food and medicines. For an apartment accumulated debt. June 11 I will begin the session, and pay for it there is nothing.

I do not really want to write here, but I do not know what I still do. I am in despair. Mom was crying every day, but do not give up, it continues to seek at least some work. If not for this situation, it is unlikely I would have written here. Honestly, I do not know if there's people in the world to help in this situation.

Time I write here, maybe somewhere deep down, feel it. Please, what people can help. I beg you. I will not leave the card number, but I'll leave your e-mail, and if you would like to help, please write to l-nilson@mail.ru.

At the faculty there were 10 budget places

9. I am writing for the first time in such places, and I was very uncomfortable to do so. If so look, then I can not say that I need financial support. But still. 3 years ago I lost my mother and our family situation has changed dramatically. I graduated from high school for gifted children, but due to the fact that the faculty where I wanted to do, was just 10 budget places, and it was all a long time already bought, I could not get into this list.

My dad gets 15,000 each month, it is very little, if to pay for utilities, provide for themselves and another daughter. Maybe you will say that he needs to find a paid job, but he is sick. He has a very poor health. Every day he drank some pills from ulcers of the head.

I understand that I am an adult and should provide itself. For a year I collect 56,000, ie half the sum of its education, to ease the pope. It is very difficult when I'm studying all day, trying to close the session by only 5 to transferred to the budget.

Now I work after school, too, but they only get 5000 a month, this is not enough. If there are people who want to help me and my family, I will be truly grateful. After all, the highest degree of generosity is sacrifice. My Card: 63900262 9017149641.

I want to learn in high school

10. I am 20 years, I live well. I want to learn at the university, the problem in the financial sector (schools simply pay very expensive). Who can help, who will give an honest man's word will return all to the last penny. Someone may think: "go to work," I'm working answer within brackets, and I have a family, not married.

I have a dream to learn. When to wean I will realize all your dreams and help people in need of help as I can, but I will do it very hard. +99894 365 53 38 number telegram write tell in detail.

11 . Really need the money to study at university, the last course, do not want to unlearn 3 years and will fly on 4 course, very disappointing. I hope for your help, I live alone in another city, the money is hardly enough for food, now such a difficult life span when you need support. Payment for the semester 70,000, but who can. On Yandex money 410013908372911

12. I plan to enroll in medical school. The family provided little and because of this, no one will pay for my tuition. Once I thought I could do on a budget, but when familiarized with the number of budget places in different cities and the minimum score for admission to the budget base, I realized that there is almost no chance.

In assessing their knowledge, I know that I can get on a contract basis, but to pay for it, no one will, because the family has no money. They do not know what I'm writing here. Here is my card number Savings Bank (5469 6700 4213 8795).

Help my friends

13. Real friends change our life and make it more complete and richer. I am lucky to have truly good friends. They never betrayed and were always nearby in the hard situations. They never compromise with their conscience, don’t look for easy ways. They always show with their living how to love and care about others. They have two wonderful kids (daughters) with smiles as heavenly creatures have, so sweet and warm. My purpose of writing you is my request to help my friends as they are in a hard situation now. The man from a family has complications after disease and can’t walk to work and support a family. They need an urgent help, They text me they die slowly…. I want to see them happy. My email is 2goldenheart3@rambler.ru. The card number is 2202200127621470

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