I'm in debt to do/I was left alone with two small children and a heap of debts and credits

I'm in debt to do


  • 1 How to get out of debt for good? A proven plan of action:
    • 1.1 assess the situation
    • 1.2 How to wait for help?
    • 1.3 Action Plan
    • 1.4 Ways to repay debt
    • 1.5 How to quickly get out of debt
    • 1.6 How to get out of credit debt
    • 1.7 Magic to help
    • 1.8 Helpful Hints
    • 1.9 To summarize
  • 2 No debt: 5 ways to forget about credits
    • 2.1 1. Put the money on the spot. At the right place
    • 2.2 2. The loan - the illusion of freedom
    • 2.3 3. Purge "self-control muscle"
    • 2.4 4. Do not go shopping when you're feeling down
    • 2.5 5. Beware of the effect of "What the hell?"
  • 3 How to get out of a credit hole? Ways to get rid of credit debt
    • 3.1 Minimum payment
    • 3.2 Small and large debts
    • 3.3 Credit Limit
    • 3.4 Debt Consolidation
    • 3.5 Crisis Plan
    • 3.6 Procedure in finance
    • 3.7 The increase in revenues
    • 3.8 Money in debt
    • 3.9 Buy-Sell
    • 3.10 In conclusion,
  • 4 5 ways how to get out of debt
    • 4.1 1. Be sure to use the early repayment
    • 4.2 2. Do not put money in the bank, it is better to repay the loan
    • 4.3 3. Explore methods of avalanche and refinancing
    • 4.4 4. loans from friends and relatives
    • 4.5 5. Hawk property
    • 4.6 How to get out of debt - your main task
  • 5 What to do if you have large debts on loans and pay them nothing? We are looking for a way out
    • 5.1 If you have been working with the bank's recovery service
    • 5.2 How to influence the loyalty of the bank?
    • 5.3 If you have already encountered with collectors
    • 5.4 Bringing a case to court: the real way out
    • 5.5 If you have lots of small debts
  • 6 What to do with your debts. Tips that will help you
    • 6.1 What to do with your debts. Recommendations based on personal experience
    • 6.2 Accept the situation and drawing lessons
    • 6.3 Begin to control your costs
    • 6.4 austerity mode and search for the real joy for your money
    • 6.5 Proper distribution of money
    • 6.6 Debts should be given to competent
    • 6.7 Where to send the remaining 50%
    • 6.8 Create airbag
    • 6.9 Set goals
  • 7 How to get out of the debt trap: Advice Lawyers
  • 8 An example of how to pay the debts if there is no money?
    • 8.1 No money - have debts on loans that do?
    • 8.2 Take into debt - to return the correct
    • 8.3 Recommendations to the debtor, and actions in order to avoid repetition of the situation
  • 9 How to live without debt and how to get out of debt?
    • 9.1 What is a debt hole?
    • 9.2 As is the case with this problem now?
    • 9.3 And now, as the same, all the same, to get rid of debt problems, how to get out of debt, if found time to fall?

How to get out of debt for good? A proven plan of action:

Today it is very easy to get a loan: the banks are ready to give them even without references and guarantors. It attracts more and more customers who are ready to take a loan of money.

Unfortunately, soon there comes a time of reckoning for his rash actions, citizens begin to look for all possible options to repay the loan. However, it is not necessary to go to the bank.

Passion borrow money from friends and acquaintances, too, does not pass in vain for the family budget. For information on how to get out of debt, it will be discussed in this article.

We assess the situation

First of all, when it comes to debt, you need to correctly assess the situation.

Depending on who you borrowed - the bank or with relatives, and will depend on further actions. For example, in the case of debts to relatives or friends to solve the problem is much simpler.

Requesting a postponement of payment, can be found second jobs and pay in the near future.


If there was a debt to the lender, then you must act immediately.

For example, issuing a loan, people rely on their strength and opportunities, but unforeseen situations can always happen, and at the most inopportune moment.

That is why, faced with financial difficulties should immediately contact the bank with a request to defer payment. Usually, lenders are going to meet and do not charge a penalty for a small delay.

Where to wait for help?

Ask a question "how to get out of debt and loans," the debtor must know that he can always help.

For example, in the case of debt to friends or family you can always seek help from someone third, perezanyat money and repay the debt.

Of course, such a step is a last resort, because in any case it does not solve the problem. You are still financially dependent.

If the lender is a bank, you can come to the aid of the guarantors. Most often, the financial institutions are insured loans, and make loans only if the borrower's guarantor. This, of course, comes to large amounts, not small consumer loans. In this case, the surety performs now mostly insolvent person and repay debt in the main kreditozaemschika.

In addition to these options, you can often see the ads: "I will help to get out of debt." In the role of helpers here are the individuals either microlenders who repaid your debt, will draw up a new, just under the huge interest. It is a real disservice. It is therefore best to avoid such aid.

Action plan

So, having decided to finally pay off all loans, it is important to think through each step of their actions. After all, knowing how to get out of debt, it is possible in the future to avoid many mistakes, leaning towards a debt hole.

The first step is to get rid of small loans. Thus, paying off small debts, it will be easier to focus on the larger. To make it easier to make decisions, it is necessary to restore order in financial matters.

That's because in the home bookkeeping total chaos, and there are credit debt. Thus, taking control of all your income and expenses, will be further guided to move in any direction.


If the level of income allows time to pay the bills, but some budget items do not allow to do this, it is best to be on time, or even to remove them from the list required.

Next, sort out their financial capabilities, you can move to action. In that situation, when money is clearly not enough, and the credit limit is exceeded, it is necessary to look for new sources of income. This may be an additional part or a new kind of business, or need to take overtime. But in any case it is impossible to issue a new loan of money.

Allocating the money for a month, you can start planning the next one. So you see where there are problems, which means that it will be possible to move towards their solution.

Ways to pay off debt

The best way how to become free from debt man - is to abandon them in the future. That is, after the repayment of all debts should avoid the temptation to buy any thing on credit.

Having a debt to the bank, you can ask them to lower your interest rate or to achieve the restructuring. At first glance this seems too complicated, because financial institutions are not going to just lose profits.

But in fact, lenders are interested in the fact that at least return the money granted: it's better than to recognize the debtors bankrupt and lose all their money.

That is why, referring to the manager with a request to change the payment, you can get a chance to pay off debt in a form convenient for you.

If this method did not, then the insolvent citizen can ask for a postponement. During the time that the bank or lender will allocate for that not to pay the debt, the debtor is required to fix its financial situation.

How to quickly get out of debt

If you are unable or unwilling to wait long and constantly worry about their financial situation, then left with two options. In the first case - to sell the mortgaged property and pay off the debt.

Then the lender will debit it immediately, and the borrower will not be credit obligations. If money is not a loan was taken from a credit institution, and from friends or acquaintances, you can also sell any valuable thing.

The money will be used for loan repayment.

The second answer to the question "how to get out of debt" - to admit himself bankrupt. This is an extreme measure, leading to the fact that in the near future, a person will not be able to take more loans. The Court recognizes the insolvent citizen bankrupt and write off its debt to the bank.

How to get out of credit debt

In the event that the borrower does not wish to appear on the black list at the banking institutions, you can try a few solutions to the problem. For example, some people make out several loans. In this situation, a good solution would be to ask for deferment of payment in banks with lower interest rates.

Thus, the money paying off debt to the entire organization with high percentages borrower frees itself from the more urgent liabilities. This is followed by the order (fully) to repay the remaining loans.

When the remaining one debt, you can pay it in normal mode or, if circumstances permit, to close completely.

Magic to help

Once in a difficult financial situation, people are starting to look at innovative ways to solve problems. For example, those who believe in magic, try to read the plot. Get out of unlikely way of debt, but will help to inspire confidence in their abilities and give hope. Folk omens on cash, can also help.

There is a superstition that at night you can not take out the garbage out of the house, and it will no longer be driven money. Perhaps someone checked on himself this way, he really helped and gave the answer to the question of how to get out of debt. However, it is not in magic, and in the revision of the relationship of man to his income and expenses.

Financial discipline and increased efficiency can create real miracles.

helpful hints

Many citizens who take out loans, not even read the contract conditions. And in vain! There are several ways to save money and not have to pay extra. For example, if early repayment is possible to save more than a thousand rubles, and the use of bank cards, by contrast, spend the extra money.

Some debtors sometimes all hope for a miracle. Some people believe that there is a rich Muscovites to help get out of debt. Of course, it is theoretically possible to imagine a situation where a good uncle decides to repay your loan.

However, it will require in return? Get into a new debt? Or to work in his company? , Think before you look for information on these solutions to the problem: it is necessary to you? As practice shows, it is better not to believe rumors and various fiction and attempt to pay off their debts.

To summarize

The reasons that lead us to a debt hole, can be very different. Sometimes it is really the only chance to get out of a difficult situation is the design of a bank loan. Then, to insure themselves, should be addressed to help guarantors.

Mindless and unwarranted registration of credits may soon turn into a problem, and then will need to have to decide that question: how to get out of debt? Prayer in this situation is not much help. We can only strengthen the belief in the speedy solution of the problem, but in reality is only required to raise additional revenue and reduce costs.

In order not to become a hostage to the eternal obligation, you must stop using easy credit.

No debt: 5 ways to forget about credits

Probably all agree that debt frustrate and limit freedom. In the life of a lot of unpleasant moments, but do not stress out of debt like any other. Before you take another loan, it is worth considering not only about getting new things, but also about how it will affect your health.

If you had a falling out with a friend, retired from the scandal and broken leg - this is a temporary stress. Your body has the resources to survive, survive and live happily on. With regard to the stress of debt, he does not think end. It lasts and lasts, exhausting human and gradually driving him into despair.

Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist at Stanford University, argues that the debt is not only spoil the overall tone and mood, but also hit the health. Experiences and stress out of debt combined with a sense of hopelessness that nothing you can do about it, at least right now. Studies confirm the harm to health: the people who have taken shelter in the mortgage, often go to the doctor.


However, according to sociologists FOM in 2013 29% of Russians have outstanding credit, and the percentage with only grows over time. One, two or three credits, a lot of consumer loans in the shops and loans for urgent needs. Each person at risk seduced by the new technique, beautiful clothes or other things, without which it is possible to do.

When the joy of the new things is lost, there are severe everyday life with the payments and the approaching hopelessness. Maybe five simple tips will help you to take another look at the money and set priorities so as to not have to waste your health on useless things.

1. Put the money on the spot. At the right place

David Krueger, a financial coach and former psychiatrist in Houston, Texas, says that people often use money as a means of self-affirmation. "We attach great importance to money and make them synonymous with opportunities, the epitome of power and prove that we stand for something in this life," - said Kruger.

Think about it, the epitome of what values ​​have become money for you. Just ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why is my image are important the most expensive, branded items?
  2. Why is money so important for me that I sacrifice for their sake of their health?

Honestly answer them, or better record. This will help you to take another look at the money, and the correct attitude to problem solving - one step.

2. The loan - the illusion of freedom

One recent study showed that most people are borrowing to feel stronger and freer.

When you have spent all that could be with her credit card, with an increase in the limit you feel liberated.

In the same way, taking the next few thousand, you feel freer and stronger than before, even if the amount of your debts have already drawn on the kidneys and lungs.

It is a question of short-term perception. You know that you have to give more, but now you have more opportunities, and it's nice. Remember, this is just an illusion that will soon be destroyed, it will help to spend the new credit more efficiently or no take.

3. Pump the "muscle of self-control"

Baumeystey Roy, a social psychologist at the University of Florida, examined the problems of the human will and self-control. The results showed that the stock of human willpower is limited. In other words, spending will power on one thing, you do not leave self for others.

But you can turn your attention on finances. Every day, watch your expenses, write the final amounts and plan more efficiently. This will help you to pump your "self-control muscle" in the direction of finance and will spend on the right things.

4. Do not go shopping when you're feeling down

Studies published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, show that very often people shop and make expensive purchases on credit to maintain their self-esteem.

It does not matter from which suffers the ego: the chief reprimanded at work, or on the TV once again showed "how to live to be worthy" - when self-esteem plummeted, the ego requires drastic measures.

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Author of the study, Associate Professor of the London Business School, Sivanatan Niro says that buying new, expensive things, people like to present themselves in a positive way and at the same time feel whole and filled.

But the author of the study found a cure for this need: when shoppers focused on something else, and remember that there is for them the utmost importance, such as family, health, relationships with friends, their race for the expensive, status, things stopped.

Before buying a new expensive thing, you can stop and appreciate why it is needed - for the convenience, beauty, comfort or disadvantaged for your ego? Furthermore, the purchase of new things will not raise your self-esteem and mood for a long time, on the contrary, the joy of it will take place very soon, leaving only the new debt.

5. Beware of the effect of "What the hell?"

This effect was discovered by researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada and initially dealt with diets. It turned out that people sitting on a diet, tend to "stall" and load up at the slightest guilt of non-compliance with their diet.

That is, a person eats a little more, feels guilty and says to himself: "What the hell! I still messed up. " After that he goes and eats. This applies not only to the diet, but also with any manifestation of the power of will, for example, when a person quits smoking, tying with alcohol or wants to stop wasting money on unnecessary luxury items.

Guilt born of stress, a person need to calm down, and if he is used to calm down any particular way (as a rule it is the fact that he wants to throw), that's what he will do.


With debts it works fine: people in debt, he stressed and to take it off, it is necessary once again to take - the illusion of freedom and the joy of buying, short-term comfort and stress again. A vicious circle that can destroy only an estimate of their emotions. A bit of self-reflection, the next time when you go to take the credit, and you will be able to cope with feelings of guilt and stress.

How to get out of a credit hole? Ways to get rid of credit debt

In our time to take a loan easy. Make a loan can be for ten minutes, and there are options for this when you do not need anything other than a passport.

On the money you can buy everything you want: cars, household appliances, the apartment.

But what if at some point the situation got out of control and you are on the verge of bankruptcy? How to get out of a credit hole? Let's give this bill a few practical tips.

minimum payment

Credit card holders often make one mistake. Often, banks provide the possibility of using a credit line subject to payment of interest only. This is the minimum payment. It would seem that such a scheme is very convenient. With this we can agree, but it is beneficial for the bank, and not for you.

If every month you will be making only the minimum payments, then the question of how to get rid of credit debt, will never cease to be relevant for you.

Experts estimate that the person who took the bank has, for example, 300 thousand rubles under 18 per cent per annum and making the minimum payment, pay the debt each month will have for 26 years, while in the end he would give an amount almost twice the original.

You do not want in the future to puzzle over how to get out of a credit hole? Then just try as much money to allocate for the loan repayment. If the minimum payment of five thousand, to pay ten, in general, as much as you can, but the main thing - more than required by the bank.

Small and large debts

If the error has already been made, and you are still consumed credit hole, do not make the new missteps. For example, many borrowers who got into a difficult situation, you first decide to pay off small debts, and then think about the major.

The logic is clear: firstly, the person finds it difficult to keep in mind the information on all loans, especially if they are many, and he wants to get even with at least some, and secondly, many psychologically easier to have a single large loan than a bunch of smaller ones.


However, such reasoning is fundamentally wrong! Not to forget about any debt you can transfer information into the computer. Now there are many special programs for accounting finance. Get an electronic ledger, and it will be easier to manage not only long, but also the money at all.

Remember: first profitable repay large loans, those taken under the highest interest and involve the largest overpayments. But if the conditions are the same interest on all loans, then, indeed, it is better first to deal with small debts - it will be a good motivation for further payment of large loans.

Credit limit

Many out of the predicament they see an increase in your credit limit. Let's say right away: this is not an option! So you just draw it time, give yourself a respite, but the situation has not changed for the better, only worse. Increasing the limit will cause an increase in the term loan and mandatory monthly amounts due.

consolidation of debts

Some borrowers looking for options on how to get out of a credit hole, go to the bank and asked to combine a number of debts into one big loan in order to increase the repayment period and lower the monthly payment amount. In principle, a reasonable approach. But there is a problem.

Such a scheme is debugged in Western Europe, we are also only available refinancing, that is getting a new loan for repayment of old, with all sorts of preferences and discounts are not available.

But the main thing - the refinancing process involves the payment of various fees and commissions, so ultimately efforts may be useless, and the amount of debt will increase.

Advantageously such a decision may be only in respect of long-term loans, such as mortgages, and only when you have taken a loan at very high rates.

crisis plan

Now we go directly to the story about how to get rid of credit debt. First and most importantly - to win the confidence of creditors. You will not be able to avoid paying anyway.

So do not hide from banks and individuals, which you should. Tell us about your difficulties candidly, let them know you're not going to avoid obligations.

Perhaps you will meet, and be able to find a way out of a difficult situation.

The order in finance

If you are the owner of multiple debts, then you do not know how to keep a record of personal money and financial affairs you going a complete mess. Begin to control costs and revenues. Every day, write down all of your spending so you know exactly what your money is going.

Try to conduct such accounting at least a month, and then analyze their financial situation. On the cost to pay special attention, perhaps any of them can be avoided and thus save money. After that, make a budget for the coming month.


List all the possible revenues and planned expenses (in this case guided on the accounting data for the first month). No matter how hard, stick to the budgeting and do not spend more than planned in it.

So you will be able to restore order in finances and maybe find a way to get out of a credit hole.

increase in income

Pay debts, and so when you are living from paycheck to paycheck, of course, difficult.

Where in this case, to find additional funds? It may make sense to take on more responsibilities in the main job, of course, for an additional fee.

If this is not possible, feasible to find a third-party part time. Properly organize their working time, you should be able to increase revenues.

Borrow money

The idea of ​​new loans from debtors causes trembling and bewilderment. How to get out of a credit hole if borrow again and again? In fact, such an option can be a very wise decision. Only borrow should be people who will not need to have high interest rates.

Do not hesitate to contact relatives and friends with the words: "Help to get out of a credit hole!" People who you roads where possible are sure to help. Besides, they will not require you to return the money for a fixed period, so you will not have the exact scope of the repayment of debt.

But, of course, undermine the credibility of relatives is also not worth it. At the first opportunity, return borrowed funds.


The hero of the famous Soviet cartoon, Uncle Fyodor, said: "To sell something unnecessary, one must first buy anything unnecessary ...". It is impossible not to agree with this statement. But it is possible to sell, and what at first glance seems to be necessary. For example, a TV, especially if you have a plasma and expensive.

So you can not just bail out the extra money, but it frees up time has been reduced from watching television and movies, for something more useful, such as thinking about how to get out of a debt hole. Perhaps it makes sense to give up the car at the time of crisis.

You will not spend money on its maintenance, repairs, fuel, and so on, and the money saved can be spent on repayment of loans.


Now that you know how to get out of a credit hole, begins to be active! But when the financial nightmare left behind forever forget about the credits! Better to save up and then buy. And yet, if you desperately need the money, and you will once again decide to take a loan, remember the limit: loans must not exceed fifteen per cent of annual revenue.

Before you take out a loan, carefully read all the conditions of the bank, the size of potential commissions, payment terms and so on. Calculate how much it will cost you in fact a loan, think about whether you are able to repay it, whether will sustain your family budget this load. Be financially literate! Good luck!

5 ways how to get out of debt

Debt pit - one of the worst things that can happen to a man. Obligations to creditors hanging around his neck like a stone, do not give up, straighten up, breathing fully financially independent feeding.

Every day dripping interest, penalties and fines. Noose tightened everything already. Instead of the usual thinking about vacation, car, housing only a dream, which remains in man - the dream of freedom. You need to get out of debt at any price.

Fortunately, this dream is achievable.

The problem of credit noose is still in the fact that it is very gently and quietly falls on the neck.

We take a mortgage, then we want to upgrade the car, along with car loans without income verification, we agree to obtain a credit card in addition to the three still lying in our purse.

So imperceptibly it turns out that the loan payments take such a huge part of the monthly budget that it becomes impossible to tolerate. In this case, we recommend you to think about one or more of the following ways of choosing from a debt hole.

1. Try to use early repayment

The fact that banks are trying to get you to specifically extend the agony. Still would! Each month, you pay them interest. If you pay earlier period, first you will reduce the amount of monthly payment, and secondly, if so you will be able to reduce the term of the loan, you will save tens of thousands (and in the case of the mortgage - a hundred thousand) simply reducing the number of monthly payments.

Of course, that thoughtlessly throwing extinguish prematurely, you should not. To begin, find out how much you generally left to pay. Then be sure to read the credit agreement.


What are the penalties involves the bank for such an operation? Remember, because it is not profitable, so he will let you.

Therefore it is necessary to calculate - what is the amount of early repayment will be beneficial for you and which one is not enough.

2. Do not put money in the bank, it is better to repay the loan

This tip is closely linked to the previous one.

Its essence is this: what is the point you wait for one percent of the bank, if you are paying interest to another bank? Think about what the bank does with the money that you have earned him a deposit? Yes, it just gives them in the form of loans to others! There are banks, which are just that and do. Do you think that in this case the bank will issue a deposit at a loss ?!

So, if you aim to buy a good car in a year and you save money on deposit, while repaying consumer credit for the technique, you should consider the following options: remove all the accumulation and transfer them to the early redemption. Freed thus the amount of the monthly payments will be sent to the "car" of accumulation. As a result, they can be much more if you continue to save and pay at the same time.

Again, the advice is not always fair. Everything depends on the conditions of the credit available to you and vkladov.Takaya scheme may be psychologically uncomfortable, but the goal is to get out of debt requires decisive action.

3. Explore methods of avalanche and refinancing

If you have debt on several credit cards, consumer credit, and even anything, you just need to optimize payments across this economy. You want to quickly end the debt, is not it?

Place all the loans in order of increasing interest rates. Do you think you can refinance, you have to translate with greater rate debt with lower debt? For example, early repayment of expensive consumer credit credit card with a lower interest rate? The goal - to make the greatest number of employees had money on credit instrument with a lower rate.

Once you spend a refinance, start aggressive repayment of the remaining loan, starting with the most expensive. That is, try to early extinguish the debt with the highest interest rate, and for the rest make only the minimum payments. So you like an avalanche will reduce the amount of its payments.

Be careful. When sorting loans not use nominal and real (effective) interest rates to take into account all the possible sanction banks for such actions. But despite the obstacles, all the same, this method will be beneficial for you.

4. loans from friends and relatives

Your loved ones can take your money and do not require any fee. But you have to use the money for one of the techniques mentioned above.

It is clear that this issue is very dependent on your ethical beliefs and attitudes in the family or with friends. Remember, no debt hole is not worth your relationships with loved ones. Never expose the threat of these relationships, no matter how bad you may be. Because if you happen to go down to the bottom and fall through it, but they will help you.

Whatever it was, a good relationship with people can become for you a source of interest-free loan. If you do not believe in yourself, have a written contract with those who give you the money. Use them wisely. Calculate so that you have given this new loan to save on payments on other loans.

5. Hawk property

As a final option, start selling things and send money for early repayment. It is in early, because if you so will secure that you will be forced to sell things to compensate for the interest to the bank, you have little to save.

Abroad, there is an institute of personal bankruptcy, but, unfortunately, this does not apply. Instead, we have a court, which will describe all of your property at a price much less than what you could help out on Avito. And the bank can take you, these things are not even as interest, and on account of interest and penalties that you will have time to charge.

Therefore, you need to act in advance. Donate material comforts for the sake of the debt vykarabkivaniya loop. Psychologically it is very difficult - to part with your favorite machine or cottage. But understand, if you threaten to plunge into a spiral of penalties for non-payment, the outcome in this spiral, only one - you still lose your stuff. Only in the first case, you can bring them much faster.

How to get out of debt - your main task

The first and absolutely necessary step to financial independence - to get rid of liabilities, pulling you to the bottom. Your allies: a sober mind and a faithful account.

We are all exposed to emotions and desires. We take private loans without thinking about what they threaten us. Until some features of it safely. But when this feature is passed, the problem is how to get out of debt - should be your main goal.

Your friends will find this information useful. Share with them!

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What if you have large debts on loans and pay them nothing? We are looking for a way out

Unfortunately, the situation in the credit market is that a large number of citizens faced with the inability to pay the full bill. Number of outstanding debts is enormous, and it is observed in all regions of the country. Many people are on the verge of despair.

Large debts do not give to live debtors concerned banks threaten to collectors. Vzyskatelja call relatives, work, go to the neighbors. It may be the debtor and gladly pay off your debt, but the debt has reached such dimensions that it is simply not do. How to find a way out of this situation?

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If you lead the work of the bank recovery service

This means that your delay is not yet so great, otherwise you would be engaged in a dialogue with collectors. The task of the bank collection service - back debtor's schedule of payments on their own.

If you realize that you have large debts on loans and pay in the near future you will not be able to, and tell your bank. Avoid contact, change phone numbers, do not open the door of the bank representatives - all this only adds to your situation.

You need to engage in dialogue with the bank, because he is also interested in the fact that you came out of the delay. Do not be afraid of the bank, you need to talk to him, it is in its interest, too, because the problem of the contract have a negative impact on its reputation.

What is offered by the bank:

  • restructuring. Simply put, your debt can be stretched to the maximum longer term, the sum of the monthly payment becomes smaller. In this case, the penalties for delay can generally be written off in full or in part;
  • vacation credit. It is an ideal option if your debts are more than the salary. The bank will freeze the schedule of payments in full or in part. Exemption from payment deadline depends on the situation, it is usually 3-6 months.

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How to influence the loyalty of the bank?

If the emergence of large debts associated with certain situations, be sure to collect the relevant reference. For example, if you or your family very sick, it may be sick leave. If you lost your job, or you cut wages, bring labor and income statement.

If there are documents proving your plight, you have all the chances that the bank will help you deal with the problem.

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If you are already faced with collectors

In this case, by dividing your situation worse. This means that the bank can not repay the debt on their own and turned to the collection agency. From collectors to negotiate much harder, so it did not initially bring the matter to their attention.

If you have already started to besiege the collectors, you are not in a better situation. With the agency does not agree on how the bank. It acts as a mediator, which acts under the contract with the bank. His task - in full or in part to force the debtor to pay.

Many people under the pressure begin to look for money, intermeddle in new debt, as long as at least partially cover the debt, as required by the collectors.

But it's no good will not. Your debt will increase exponentially, as it will be every day drip interest. If we put out, the only completely partial payments - are payments into a bottomless pit.

Realizing that the debt is very large, and you can pay it and talk about it to collectors. A clear stand on this position, as if you did not press. The only sure way out - make sure that you are suing.

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Bringing a case to court: the real way out

Distressed borrowers are often afraid of the court, trying to bring him not, but this is a wrong action. The debtor with a large debt organization trial only help. But it will have a long wait, usually a bank sues about a year after the beginning of the formation of debt.

After the trial, you will fall behind on the bank and collectors, you will only have to deal with the police officers, who are much more loyal. And most importantly - your duty to be fixed and will no longer increase.

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If you have lots of small debts

Large debts to the banks can consist of several small non-performing loans, which are decorated in different banks. If you do not pay multiple loans at the same time, then you will have to engage in dialogue with each bank separately.

If there are loans that you are paying for the time being, it is better to negotiate with the servicing banks to restructure. In the absence of overdue loans is much easier to negotiate. Then you will have more available funds to deal with the already overdue loans.

Generally, if the debt is really a lot, then, paradoxically, sometimes more profitable to just let it go. Wait until the banks will be served to you in court, and then to conduct a dialogue with the police officers.

Recently, the Law on Bankruptcy of individuals. Examine it. Your ad bankruptcy is right for you as getting rid of debt. But the law has a lot of nuances, it is best to get legal advice on this matter.

What to do with your debts. Tips that will help you

How best to organize your financial life, when there is debt. This problem is likely to concern to many, I myself took this experience, so today I want to touch on that topic - what to do with debt. Previously, I had an article on this subject: the concept of debt. I advise you to read it. She opens her eyes to the many nuances.

What to do with your debts. Recommendations based on personal experience

Most often, the debts are the result of a loan taken earlier. Many people are in such a situation before the crisis - revenues were good, it seemed that it always will be, but in one moment everything changed. But regret that it has no meaning, it is necessary to save the situation now.

Accept the situation and drawing lessons

The first tip that I would like to give, and perhaps psychologically the most important - is to accept the situation for what it is. Debt - it is a fact that is already present, and nowhere on it does not get. Any situation, in our opinion, even the most unpleasant, is given to us so that we could learn something and build their lives the longer the better.

Accept the situation - this means to stop judging yourself for the statement. Or even worse curse banks or stores that contribute to your credit. If you do so, you will not pass this lesson, and it is likely that in the future will find yourself with debts again.

It is better to calm down, but be sure to remember why you ended up with debts. What wrong views or behavior brought you into trouble. I've already written about why bad to take the credit, and what to do to not have to take it, so I will not repeat. Accept it, and build a future relationship with money differently.

Usually the situation with debts said to the man, no, do not speak, and screams, that need to reconsider their attitude to money and begin to properly manage them. That focus on it.

Start controlling your costs

And the first step in this direction - the account. If you have not yet begun to do this, make sure you get to keep records of income and expenses. It just seems that you have cut all expenses to a minimum, to pay off debt. I assure you, if you do not keep records - it is a great illusion.

Only under strict control, you can really find reserves for everything, and make sure that you really no longer spend too much.

austerity and find true joy for your money

And to spend too much for you right now is unacceptable. After all, you need to find the money for many things, including for the payment of debts. And it focuses only on the payment of debts - a road to nowhere, but later on this.

Now I want to draw your attention on the economy. For those who have a long time to figure out a good time to where you spend your money. Observe, analyze and constantly ask myself - and I really spent the money right?

In my view correctly - this is when the small part of the money you can create for yourself the maximum pleasure.


After all, the biggest paradox in our spending of money is that it seems to us that, for joy, for pleasure you need a lot of money.

Of course this is true, they really need, and should seek to attract into your life as much money as possible. But it will be in the future, and we have to live today. Now, in a situation when there is a debt and a small income.

Here and there is a good incentive to take stock of their joy. Often we seek joy in things, oblivious to the fact that a lot of pleasure can be obtained from communication and nature of different things that we forget trying to expensive.

I still need to learn to enjoy, and inexpensive pleasures. Think about it and leave only the most important costs by removing unnecessary in our lives. And it is important to understand that this money is actually what they are playing a role in reality.

I still dwell on this in detail because awareness of this moment can change a lot in your life.

After all, when a person begins to analyze the costs and ask himself why he spent those or other money, he begins to notice one important detail: many expenses we make by inertia, in obedience imposed by society stereotypes, we stimulate consumption in all possible ways.

For example, our attitude to buying clothes, especially in women. If you are sure that you can be happy only when you buy an expensive thing, you need to get rid of this stereotype.

Proper distribution of money

With the economy, I think, clear. During the calculation of the debts it is needed, without it anywhere. And the main task of saving - to release more money on running costs.

And now the question arises : what to do with this money. It is the wrong answer - only to repay debts.

The correct answer I found in a book Bodo Schaefer, "The path to financial independence."

Here you need to understand one important thing - not to concentrate only on the impact of debt. A person should always be in front of the goal, not just payback for what it was. Therefore, 50% of the saved money to spend on achieving the various goals, the only way you will have the energy to increase income, and indeed for action.

Debts must be given correctly

It may well be that under this approach, you do not have enough money to pay off all the debts in the current month. Then it is necessary to review all the debts, and to redistribute them.

Here you need to follow a few rules:

First of all to repay debts with the highest interest rate and high penalties for late payment. How to calculate the interest rate, see this article.

Select debts with smaller amounts and get rid of them. This is a purely psychological trick that allows you to delete relieved one item from the list of your creditors.


If the interest rate is low, then stretch the payment as long as possible. After all, the money anyway impaired, and therefore more profitable for you today to dispose of money in order to increase revenue, and in the future to pay more quickly and easily.

Many banks are going to restructure the loan, which can increase the repayment period and reduce the monthly amount. If 50% of your savings is not enough money to pay the loan, then you need to use this option.

Where to send the remaining 50%

All these manipulations with the credit we did only to have remained free funds.

What do you do with them?

To understand this, remember what brought you to a situation where you have any debts and your income fell. Most often, this situation when you do not save money and accumulate them and have another source of income.

The first led to the fact that for large purchases you take debts, and the second to the fact that you do not take into account the fact of a very big insecurity of income, especially if it is wage labor. And of course the inability to take your money, but we have already talked about it.

From the foregoing, we conclude: it is necessary to change the situation. Those. learn how to delay and create new sources of revenue.

Based on this free money (which we have learned to accumulate), we are focusing on the following:

Create airbag

As long as you do not create multiple sources of income, and you do not have any source of passive income, it's time to insure themselves against the emergence of new debt. Decide for yourself or a specific amount or percentage of your income, and set them aside.

You should have emergency supplies on the loss of income. And be sure to Apply for a minimum set of insurance (life and health) in order to protect themselves from unforeseen large expenses and take care of loved ones.

We are investing in themselves and are trained to create additional sources of income, and it is committed to creating passive sources.

You need to be sure to increase your income to pay off debt faster and start investing. Before you pay the money, try to free courses, evaluate them.

Perhaps you'll have to create your own business, but I know from experience that only paid courses give effect and stimulate action.

Bodo Schaefer in his book "The Road to Financial Independence" states that you need to attend as many fee-based courses and seminars as you can afford.

In my opinion, today the most promising theme - an online business.

Set goals

And finally the mandatory addition - set goals.

Debt - it is only a push to new heights, the signal to change. Strive to not only pay off debts as to reach a new level of income and a new money management skill. Start now, while you have debts to strive for the realization of his dreams.

And as soon as you can, add a third point in the direction of savings of 50% - put off dream. Learn to pursue their dreams not at the expense of borrowed funds, and the accumulated. This will give impetus for action and give inspiration.

Act, believe in yourself, and the situation will change for the better!

How to get out of the debt trap: Advice Lawyers

Statistics unpleasant: in the last year, the number of overdue loans increased by 35%. Currently about 38 million people moment in Russia are in debt to the banks, half of them - the debts of the loan.

The biggest mistake made by many - once again go to the bank and take a new loan to pay off the old one. This only aggravates the situation: debt platazhey monthly increases and the person gets to the so-called "debt trap".

Another error - just lurk. Live in fear day and night, waiting for that descend collectors. Of course, many have become easier to treat this: from January 1, 2017 shall come into force a law severely restricting the activities of collectors.


Now they will not be entitled to claim money back at night, and to meet with the debtors they will be allowed only once a week, and call - twice a week.

By topic:   Why buy a debit card

But who guarantees that these rare meeting did not bring debtors more problems?

The first output - to try to solve the problem yourself.

You can ask the bank to reduce the interest rate or to achieve the restructuring. Creditors easier to assist you and get a refund, than to admit you bankrupt and lose money. However, it goes far not all: the probability of failure is very high.

Insolvent citizen can also try to ask for a postponement. In the time it will provide the bank, a person should tidy up its financial position.

The beauty of these options is misleading: if they fail, the bank shall submit to the court to get their money back. In court, the bank makes you the maximum amount possible, with all interest, fines and penalties. Typically, this amount is several times greater than the principal amount. You can only pay: sell assets, borrow from friends.

The second way - to turn to professionals who will help you to initiate bankruptcy proceedings. Before you do this, you need to know something.

  1. Bankruptcy can become any citizen who owed more than 500 organizations, 000 and does not pay on the loan for more than three months. However, it can work, and at a lower amount of debt. But the bankruptcy case will be opened only in the event that the amount of debt is higher than the value of your property.
  2. bankruptcy procedure can be carried out not more than once every five years.
  3. If you are declared bankrupt, you can pay off your debts at the expense of jewelery, luxury goods, vehicles and real estate.

Remember to arrange bankruptcy yourself is impossible. The law in the Russian Federation provides for mandatory participation in such matters, the financial manager.

word professionals

Elena Zudova
head of the company "Stop credit"

- We help people who are in "credit scandals." We can reduce the monthly loan payments. Ask to notice, it is legal (based on the Civil Code and the Enforcement Proceedings Act, Resolution of the Plenum of the RF under Art. 333 of the Civil Code).

we also help write off debt in full: if people can not pay its debt, we make him a confirmation of insolvency in court.

On October 1, 2015 in Russia, the law, which allows an individual to officially declare itself bankrupt and get rid of the credit burden. And perfectly legal!

We have already helped many people. Not so long ago we were able to achieve complete debt relief for his client in the amount of 534 thousand rubles. We were approached by a man to help him in the process of debt relief and recognition of its insolvency.


We have compiled and submitted an application to the court to initiate bankruptcy proceedings. Judgment of 24 March 2016 resolved to: "Complete the bankruptcy of the debtor."

Thus, our client was released from further performance of creditors' claims, including those that are not announced the introduction of the sale of property. This is one of many examples of our work.

Nikolai Moiseyev
, Senior Associate Company "gone too long"

- Our company helps clients solve their financial difficulties. What are we doing?

  • We fix the amount of the debt.
  • Reduce the amount of accrued interest, fines, penalties.
  • ozvraschaem illegally imposed by the insurance.
  • We would like to debt repayment in installments minimal and comfortable for you payment.
  • Protect against unlawful actions of collectors.

I think we are doing something else important - provide psychological support to people. Because many of them are afraid of the arrival of the collectors are afraid to communicate with them. We explain that for the debts in our country do not go to jail, and all problems can be solved by legal means.

An example of how to pay the debts if there is no money?

Ksenia November 15, 2017

Taking a loan, it seems, simply return the money. Of course, to borrow money much more easily than they give. Money on credit - it is a whirlpool, tightening gradually able to easily drown. Once in the maelstrom, the more debt, difficult to get out.

There are times when people did not think about that, how to pay the debts if there is no money . But folk wisdom says: "Take but remember! Do not take a thing, a thing to give "means the absence of finance should not affect the performance of obligations to creditors. Practical advice - Do not take several loans at the same time, if there is no stable source of income.

Often quickly pay off debts is able to not everyone. Sometimes, it seems that to get out of debt will never be possible, the credit bondage prevents live. The reason - the prevailing worldly circumstances. Let's try to figure out how to pay off if there is no money?

No money - have debts on loans that do?

Do not rush to give up, think of the worst in the case of financial turmoil, it is impossible to return the loan. How to get out of debt if you do not have money to help a few simple tips:

  1. Looking for second jobs. With the development of information technology is quite simple to find a way to generate additional income (without departing from the basic kind of activity) on the Internet.
  2. Try to agree on a phased repayment of the loan. Give money to parts of the so-called payment by installments , will allocate funds from its own budget for current needs and repayment of debt. Also, creditors can agree on a restructuring or consolidation, or to restructure.
  3. Vacation credit. The bank may release the borrower from paying monthly payments for a fixed term (3 to 12 months).
  4. In your home, there are things that I have not use, sell what is not useful (does not fit). Classified ads easily added to related sites, be sure to find a buyer.

In our life there is nothing of the possible. Of course, no money to repay the debt is not really find the money to go back, not so difficult. There are superstitions associated with the debts, tells us how to repay debts to the money were carried out, or whether you can repay the bank on Monday, a friend and so on.

We take into debt - to return the correct

Our ancestors noticed if to repay the debt to "is not the right day", you can get hold of the complete discord financial affairs. You may be skeptical of superstition, but maybe you should pay attention to "go like clockwork," the little things and doing?

  • The money must be repaid in small denominations .
  • Be sure to give money to the right hand.
  • debts can not be returned in the evening.
  • Money borrowed, do not waste immediately.
  • Pay attention to the phase of the moon. When the moon is full, you can return without fear of promise.
  • Do not turn the money, fold in half and return the bill.
  • Giving money - put them on the table.

Hopefully pretty simple rituals to attract money and help avoid future financial difficulties.

Daring to borrow money, a good financial position to vote. You can return the loan on time? Exact calculation - the key to common sense.

It is certainly possible to take money from relatives and friends, hoping that this is not a bank and in court they had to demand will not. But the question of how to pay the debts in the absence of money, and will affect the financial relationships of friends.

Dissatisfaction close may adversely affect the "financial aura" of the debtor.

Recommendations of the debtor, and actions in order to avoid repetition of the situation

How to give money borrowed and not to delay their return - the main accents that need to place before you take loans and not be in debt. Psychologists argue, the longer the loan is paid, the more attracted new debt and the instability of the financial situation.

It is believed that the most loyal in the afternoon to return the money is the day stipulated in obtaining credit. And if you come back to take loans, then rest assured, the loan is secured. debt returned on time is the best reputation! And the consequences of loan defaults could lead to disastrous consequences.

The most important rule that must be observed - Spending less than you earn , learn how to save and live within our means. Do not miss the financial luck - do not take money on credit, if taken - Render time. Experience the charm of the debt trap, you know, to live without debt is much nicer than before to get into them again - beware!

An example of how to pay the debts if there is no money?

How to live without debt and how to get out of debt?

What is debt hole?

- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Debt or debt hole prison - a prison, in historical times used by States (Russia, Europe, USA) for the conclusion of the debtors of the creditor's claim. Putting in a debtors' prison pursued the goal of punishment for failure to pay the debtor's debt, as well as a last resort, forcing him to pay a debt.

Prior to the destruction of debt slavery debtor be detained until such time until he fulfills his duty, but the creditor could also keep him in chains or prison and not letting him work until the debt is paid. In this case, the lender could hold in custody and the family of the debtor. The lender was obliged only to feed the detainee and did not mutilate. In Russia it is called the issuance of the debtor to the plaintiff his head to atone.

With the gradual disappearance of debt slavery debtors steel contained in the state's prisons. The lender will only keep the debtor was indefinitely in jail or set free to work out a debt or forgiving him.

Later on lenders imposes the obligation to pay for the debtors food in prison than they were stimulated for their release.

Gradually, it was forbidden to detain family debtor from detention for the debts exempt certain individuals (the elderly, women, children), were introduced limiting the detention time.

In the XIX century arrest for debt was abolished in the various countries. Personal detention as a way to recover from the faulty debtors in the Russian Empire was abolished by the law of March 7, 1879

As you can see, a person enters into the material dependence of the lender or the government. Essentially becomes a hostage, he and his family. This debt slavery.

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower [is] servant to the lender. (Prit.22: 7)

As is the case with this problem now?

Just as before, only clothed in a more subtle, more civilized forms of slavery: "interest-free loans," a variety of loans, credits, etc.

In the days of ancient Israel, God decreed a law prohibiting the lender to take interest in the growth of the poor and disadvantaged, and commanded to forgive every person the duty to achieve the seven years. It was an act of manifestation of God's mercy to the poor and the poor residents of Israel. The Bible says that God vile person giving in the growth, ie, moneylender.

Now it is a matter of course, dressed in national laws and otherwise advertised.

How many inexperienced souls fall into the snares of financial temptations, tempting promises of various lenders! And one goal at all - to get their profit from interest.

Hard-oiled machine vyshibaniya money from debtors, supported by its own security service, has driven many people, especially the young fledgling in a debt hole, filled with the atmosphere of despair, fear, and hopelessness. What is the weight fell on the shoulders of loved ones, these chains of debt.


How many people who do not know how to get rid gravitating debt, desperation led to commit rash acts, perecherknuvshy all their ways of life.

How to learn to live debt-free?

Let's see what this bill says the Word of God from the Bible.

Here are the golden rules that can guide every man:

1. Do not Owe no one anything, except to love; for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. (Romans 13: 8)

"Owe no man" - is an extended concept is not only how to get rid of financial debt, but also in other areas of our life: respect for elders, honoring father and mother, fulfill their civic duties in respect of the State (timely payment of utility bills, payment of taxes, military service, and much more). 

2. Do not be one of those who give hands and sureties for debts:
If you have nothing to pay, why should he take away thy bed from under thee? (Prit.22: 26,27)

How can one guarantee to pay a 15-year loan with a debt has run a huge percentage for a new apartment, if he did not even know what will happen to him in the evening or the next morning.

On whom lies the whole burden of massive debt in the case of human departure from this world? How can elderly parents to get rid of debt his ne'er-do-son, who gained huge loans and sunk into oblivion? We, the people, sometimes very lightly, thinking that we will live forever.

How do you know that your rich company will not go bankrupt tomorrow, and you will not find yourself on the street as unemployed? Remember the days are evil. Have the wisdom not to fall into the debt trap - will be chosen is not easy. Think a hundred times before you make a decision.

Do not guided in his life by high ambition, envy of others, rivalry, competition, vanity, do not aspire to whatever became rich. For many people this was the trap into which they lured themselves, but from which not many are able to escape.

Do not look at the neighbor's cool "foreign car", do not compare yourself with your neighbor and enjoy the fact that you have, say, a national "Kalina", and thank God for it. Do not flatter yourself tempting expensive plasma TV and enjoy it with gratitude to God that you have.

Do not go into debt for the sake of their own prestige - think first of how you will get rid of them.


Will need at some particular thing, God will give it at that time, because He gives what we really need, and we human beings often seek pleasure for your eyes.

Fulfilling these basic commands of God, you zastrahueshsya his life from many problems.

And now, how do you, all the same, to get rid of debt problems, how to get out of debt, if found time to fall?

  1. Guided by the rules described above.
  2. Do not try to escape from debts.
  3. Ask the lender to reduce the monthly debt repayment, taking into account your current income.
  4. If possible, pay off the debt in full or in part of any available in your real estate or a car.

  5. Do not practice the method of repayment of a loan from another lender - drown deeper.
  6. Not luxuries, lead the strict accounting of finances in your family.
  7. Plan money only on basic needs.
  8. Ask God to show you the way out of this situation.

This is a partial list of recommendations for the repayment of debts.

Dear reader, I can not live your life for you, I can only share my experience. In all his life, even when he was still an unbeliever person, I never practiced the loan method.

Seen enough in childhood and adolescence to his poor mother, who struggled, being without a husband, raised me to my feet, working two jobs and often borrowing money to pay from their friends.

Oh, how difficult was it after pay immediately to part with half hard-earned money to pay off debts! Looking at it, I gave myself a vow never depend neither the people nor the state.

Being already a believer, especially I appreciate the infinite wisdom of the Word of God, who gives us freedom from all debt bondage, both in terms of finances and in terms of people.

Dear friend, no one can help you if you will not help himself. Meaning Wisdom of God recorded in the Bible, masterminding in the course of life, and believe me, you will not miss it.

God will keep thee from the slippery paths, to help get out of debt, bestows wisdom, not to fall into it again, you will learn how to live happily and easily without any debts and guide his Spirit into all truth. I am blessed.

And in addition, I want to give you a wonderful book, "" well-known authority in the field of finance Larry Burkett. The book uses God's principles of economics and finance. It reflects the will of God in the life of every person. And it is a life without debts, full of joy and prosperity in all spheres of activity. 

I was left alone with two small children and a heap of debts and credits

I hit with children in difficult life situations. I am a mother on maternity leave ... left alone with two small children and a heap of debts and credits! Was her husband, her husband won me loans and micro loans. We pay all in time and without problems. Then I decree, followed by a second .... My husband left me, leaving two children. At the moment, we have with him the divorce courts.

To help us, he does not want to. We are living with children at my work, and 12,000 from 6000 soc. protection. On my loans of about 2 million rubles, an apartment in the mortgage. I am trying to somehow make all the time and pay. Live scary! all my money is not enough! I try to pay regularly to prevent the transmission case collectors! I ask, please help! I want to quickly get out of this hell and start a normal life with no debts and credits! Phone: 79031136402. 

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