My ex-husband doesn't help/I applied to banks for a loan to pay off my debts

1. My name is Alevtina!​ I come from a small village in the Orenburg region! Now I live in Samara. I have a daughter. We live in a rented apartment. My ex-husband doesn't help. Retired parents live in the village. There is no one else to turn to. I applied to banks for a loan to pay off my debts, but they refused. Because of her naivety she ran into scammers.

Now, in addition to your debts, you owe them. I work, I spin as much as I can,but I still don't have enough money. The amount of debt I can not afford 200,000 Russian rubles, help me than you can. From impotence, my hands drop, I do not know what to do and what to do? My card number is 4276854013269989 Thank you for earlier!

2. Good afternoon, to all dear people! My name is Alexander. There is a wife and a small child. I ask for help on dental services. A difficult situation has developed with the teeth. One tooth fell out, to do the implantation of the tooth you need to align the rest. To do this, install braces. And the service is not cheap.

The total amount of treatment is $ 2500. I don’t have that kind of money. Wife does not work, as she is on maternity leave. Most of the money goes to the family. I can provide checks confirming the treatment. I will be glad of any help. Thanks to all! If you have questions, write to

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