Loans prevent live and develop

Good afternoon! My name is Olga, a very quick and easy to bury for their own stupidity in loans and debts. My parents are military personnel, I had a wonderful childhood. I have lived a long time in the rose-colored glasses ... and I think that I was special, very lucky. That everything is easy and simple in life. But life turned out to be all very different.

When the son was a year old, my husband and I parted and I started working life as I stayed on the loan. Very grateful to my parents that help in the upbringing of his son, it's been 11 years since the divorce. I work for our city have a good s / n, a good working environment.

Three years ago, got into the mortgage, I think can handle. This year, he sold the apartment, because the money is just not enough. Now I do not know what to do. It starts school, and we with her son again, nowhere to live. My parents live in a remote area of ​​the city. Summer son stayed with them. I try to think positively, but all .. I know .. there is no escape .. also it does not work in his personal life.

One year I moonlighted, soap apartment after repairs, but realized that I did not see the child. Combining the main work second jobs, and it was hard and not comfortable, and the money is not particularly feel and most of the work force needs. I worked on him, drove away the bad thoughts, in 2017 was in a terrible depression.

The parents are very ashamed, that life is a failure. Son begins to envy their classmates. I just can not go on. I thought to move to another city. Ideas were a lot, but I still have fear. Fear of losing what I have. I could live on my income, even renting a flat. The state of mind may have had the idea of ​​additional income.

I understand that there are great opportunities of our time, but for now find themselves unable to. The head is constantly spinning the question of how to pay credit where perezanyat money. Living in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. Loans and debts just put in a cage, I do not like to complain, but I understand that everything has come a time when it seems that there is no escape. I request financial assistance. Map 4276017014428133.

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