Lonely single mother daughter asking for help

helping peopleHello people! It is a shame to handle, accustomed to small to cope with the problem itself, but now does not allow health. And the fear of the charming and very loving my daughter 6 years old, she was alone, forcing me to write to you as their last hope.

While I understand that I am not the only one in need. And again my problem is not solved, but maybe I can help here at least not in money, that I need to be treated and debts, and even advice to health. About me: I live in the village of Omsk region, fired from his job for health reasons.

Rodney and I have not been lived up to 16 years old with her mother. To school in winter sea-buckthorn berries gathered with her mother, studying in school Kalym vegetable gardens. In 14y.o. he worked illegally in Scherbakule in a brick factory near the knife (let go of the bricks on the tape). Before 5klassa was an excellent student at school 4 changed.

In 15 years in Omsk did not take to school without a residence permit, I worked all year in the summer running shoes on the market and in the frost. Earned chronic Tanzilya, hemorrhoids, low back pain, cystitis, gastritis, adnexitis (replenishment for a woman). Of course all these sores are not for any one year.

Problems with nutrition and health have been in the past, frequent travel, gravity, all it said later. In my 16 years, I was alone in a strange area, the mother lost all my documents: passport and medical, remained without shelter and without a mother, wandering, survived, did not drink, did not smoke.

Normal themselves turned away, and the punks I myself was not necessary. In almost 18 years, I restored myself all the documents, issued a pension survivor (her mother was killed) and asked to be put. House to let me to learn. 9 Class I school to complete their education at 10 in a row.

Then, college, get a house, worked. With 19 years of dreaming about their krovinochku, but I was afraid that the child has not wandered as I suffered as a child like me. I decided to give birth in 25 years, after the registrar everything changed, it reduced, credits, debts. I was often ill, pregnancy seriously held, food and firewood something like.

Cesarean heavy, a daughter is often ill, my sores sharpened, is treated not as the daughter of nowhere, it is a bride-price, by construction, is thrown, then the delay constant moving. I have no relatives, his relatives in another country, ended up in divorce. Sold a big house with a stove, for health reasons, bought a 1 bedroom with a gas in a foreign country, then at least my daughter goes to the free classes.

I strained my back sore, I could last year to endure the pain and work seven days a week for 2-3 jobs, but now they live and exist. Chew, yawn, pain is severe, lie down comfortably sleep problem, arthritis, facial joint. MRI has made from the sale of the house. Doctor prescribed an expensive drug (TR 16) to ease the pain, he said it is necessary to the operation in China for joint replacement.

Left swollen face, it hurts the whole left side of his face, temple, eye, ear, tonsils, teeth suffer. B18 shots years back showed deformation of all parts of the vertebra, the cervical, thoracic, lumbar. 13y.o. passed five years jaw hurt from time to time, but now generally does not rest, headaches and insomnia has also for several years, and now it hurts all together.

Head, vertebrae, jaw pain, this is crazy. In the area we do not have the neurological department, which as found on the road to a neurologist. Told the situation, that money is difficult, komm.uslugi debts for the first time found what to do with her daughter. But she did not give direction to go in Omsk in the hospital and an X-ray did not give back.

Wrote a bunch of drugs for which I have no money, my gastritis so sore from the shots ambulance that hurt to breathe, how to live I do not know. Credit. Daughter, too often it is necessary for doctors, convulsions, astma.Tyazhelo she went through a divorce with my dad. Recently there were such a pain back, head and jaw with me, that's just all beating and shaking, legs, head and hands.

Eyes still pulls, again I go to the neurologist to ask for direction in Omsk in the hospital. How to live with these pains and hopelessness I do not know, help advice and financially who do not mind, who have the opportunity. Phone 8-950-212-04-31. 5336690018876633 card number.

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